Funky little me

I am in a blogging funk.

And also, there are five kids in my house.

So I’m taking some time to stop and breathe deep.

I’ll confess, as a blogger it’s kind of scary to take these little breaks from the blog. Any blogger who says they don’t care about comments or how many readers they have isn’t being fully honest. None of us write online without the hope that someone(s) is reading.

But I’m in a blogging funk. I have bloggers’ block. I don’t know what to write about, what I have to say that is productive to the betterment of the world. Funky funk, funk, funk.

You really have to be careful when typing that word….

I’m sorry I don’t have anything exciting to share with you – anything to change your life today. I can tell you that yesterday I tried out a new hairstylist and let her do my pink and my head ended up looking like a giant piece of Bubble Yum.

It took another hour and quite a bit of highlight, but she managed to get it looking much more natural and normal. I know that’s not going to change your life, but it almost changed mine, so…

See what I mean? Blogging funk.

I should go. I hear the children stirring. If I don’t immediately get them up and moving in a direction of productivity we will never get out the door. It’s like trying to herd a group of electric chihuahua’s.

If you’re a blogger and you’re comfortable sharing, can you tell me what your purpose is in blogging? Why do you do it and what motivates you to keep going? What message do you want to share with the world?

These are all questions I’m having a hard time answering. Because today my message was Bubble Yum hair and electric chihuaha’s…


  1. Hugs. I think if bloggers are honest, we all go through the funk. Mine has just lasted… A long time. I don’t think I’m meant to make it as a blogger. 🙂

  2. I started blogging because I like to write and wanted to remember things. I have toyed with ideas to really promote my blog, but I haven’t done much. Mostly people who know me seem to read my blog, which generally comes back to the message that this is my life, most of the time it’s fun, sometimes it is messy, and I’m figuring it out as I go. When I quit my writing job that paid to stay home with my daughter and now my son, blogging became therapeutic for me.

  3. I’ve been pondering that a lot…the purpose of blogging. I’m in a funk as well and I am praying about whether this is how God wants me to spend my time. At first (4 1/2 years ago) I started because it would be a simple way for out of town grandparents to see the kids and hear cute stories..hence moop and saba…their cute made up names for things. Then, after Kiley died, the blog morphed into a place where my heart could be real. It was a place where I beat against God’s chest and came out knowing Him more intimately. That took three years. After that phase, the blog seemed to become a place where I could share what God had been teaching me..sort of a mini bible teaching blog. I guess my question now is whether a blog is the best outlet for this sort of thing. So, I guess my answer is that God can use blogs for His glory and for our healing through the writing process. I think that blogs may take a different vision and shape based on what season of life we are in and what God is trying to teach us at the moment. Whether I quit or not, I know I will never regret having recorded not just memories but what God has taught me these last few years. If anything, my blog is a place where I am forced to go back and remember His faithfulness. Love you and don’t be discouraged…it is summer and you have five kids in your house. It is perfectly alright to take a long break.

  4. I agree with Amy I think we all go through blogging funks. I started my blog because after I left college I missed writing (I was an English and Creative Writing major). Then I decided to focus on crafts so my blog took a turn. Down the road I started struggling with the question, “Am I happy? How can I lead a happy life?” So I started writing about happiness too.

    Maybe you’re changing direction, maybe you’re too busy living life to write about it and reflect on it (right now), but we’ll still be here when you figure things out.

    PS You’re a strong woman, I would have cried if I looked in a mirror and saw bubble gum pink hair!

  5. I say “Enjoy the break and the beach. Inspiration will return in due time!”

    About the hair….I decided to get mine cut REALLY short. I like it… hubby likes it….my son said “It doesn’t look ‘bad’ mom.” Maybe if I topped it off in pink he would like it more?

  6. I tried writing my thoughts about Jesus at first…but it was all too me, me, me and my problems. Then Butterbean came along and life has been so hard and sad for me…I wanted to write as a way to remember the joy and the blessings.

    So Mimi And Butterbean was born. Yesterday I noticed on my stat page that someone had done a google search for “Dear Jesus everyone hates me” and ended up on my blog. I hope whatever they read made them laugh and lighten up a bit. I guess that’s what I want to do. I want to record the myriad ways God is redeeming me, renewing me, and giving me hope.

    It’s more for my sake than anyone else’s, but obviously I want people to read. It’s just nice to have that connection.

  7. I’m sure you do feel like you’re in a funk, and you may be. But think on this – most people read blogs to be entertained and to live vicariously through others, not to have their lives changed 🙂 I find it entertaining that you have pink hair and that you “herd” your children. I can totally relate because my daughter head is a rainbow revolving door and I have four kids, a niece and a house full of daycare kids that I herd like cattle.

    I blog because I like to write, because I think I have something to share to someone – wether it’s tips and advice or funny stories or whatever, because it allows my family and friends to stay up to date on my life and because it affords me opportunities to make new friends & acquaintances.

    Keep up the great work! Write on . . .

  8. I really do NOT count myself as a real blogger, but since I do have a blog that I occasionally do something with I will share my thoughts. I really only blog for photography (“phoblography?”), to share what beauty I see in God’s creation in the hopes of getting others excited about it too. So if I haven’t taken any photos that are worthy of viewing I don’t bother blogging. I feel like if I am not going to make at least a minor impact in someone’s life it isn’t worth adding to the noise of the internet. That said, I really truly believe that quite often we DO have something valuable to add but only God is fully aware of what that is and whom it will impact so we just have to trust Him. You always at least make me laugh. I check here everyday and when you don’t post something I am disappointed. Always. But no pressure…:-)

  9. Thanks guys for your encouragement. I think I’m just struggling to figure out what my purpose is. And maybe it’s just to tell funny stories – to laugh. That’s not a bad thing. But sometimes I what on Earth I have to say that’s worth people’s time. I don’t consider myself a Bible theologian, I’m not a decorator (HA! – not even close…) I can’t sew and make pretty things, I don’t cook that much, I don’t think of myself as having unending wisdom in the parenting department – do I say anything original? Other than coining such gems as “Air Butt, Electric Chihuahua, Bubbly Yum hair, Rabid baboons” and other such wackadoo sayings, I’m not sure what I have to offer.

    But I do like laughing with you guys, and learning from you and building community with you. There is purpose here – I know there is. I think I’m just feeling a bit of a transition right now. Thanks for loving on me today. 🙂

    • Well…maybe thousands aren’t coming to Jesus because of your words, and maybe the lame don’t get up and walk, or the blind suddenly see.

      Or do they?

      There are all types of ways to show Jesus to people, and there are all kinds of ways to be lame and/or blind. Since I’ve been coming here you’ve made me laugh, think, and dream.

      In a way…you’ve held out a hand and helped me walk through some tough days. I hope you will consider carefully. Your so-called “un-original” stories are enough to make me smile. And to me that’s a pretty darn big deal.

    • Do you have to have one fixed purpose? I mean really, it’s your blog, your sense of humor, and a community of people that have been drawn to whatever “wachadoo” thing you come up with next.

      I found your blog when you went to Africa and I stayed because it’s fun! I don’t need another fantastic decorator, amazing chef, or inspirational guru in my reader. I neen that cook chick Kelli who’s always saying something funny or insightful who brightens my day. 🙂

  10. We just started a bible study at church by Kelly Minter. It’s Nehemiah, a heart that can break. We are barely into it and you have crossed my mind already so many times. I’m sure it’s because of your trip to Tanzania and the feelings you have struggled with since returning.
    I came across this:
    …Think of what has been accomplished over the years by ordinary people simply because they were moved over the hurting, the poor, the outsider, the sick. Think of the world-impacting organizations that have been started by leaders with little education, mediocre communication skills, or zero dollars. (this is my favorite part) *Sometimes the most accomplished people aren’t the ones with the most ability but with the most breakable hearts.*
    I also know that God is already speaking to me. In every personality test I’ve ever done, compassion and empathy are way up at the top of my list of strengths. My only problem is I am terrified of those emotions. So much so that I squelch them down deep so that I don’t get hurt. It’s funny that I’m even in this class because I don’t normally do a Bible study during the summer at church, but this year they have started small groups for the kids on Wednesday evenings. Both of mine meet at the church so I said, might as well, I’ll be there anyway. I’m guessing it was all in God’s plan. 🙂

  11. I’m in a little bit of a blogging funk right now, too.

    Why do I blog? Well….I have 4 different blogs and I blog on each for different reasons. The family blog is a way to keep track our adventures and a way for our family (who lives very far away) to get daily glimpses into our lives. The Compassion Family blog is a way for me to actively pursue advocacy and inspire other Compassion sponsors, the Daily Bread blog is a place for me to be accountable for simple living and the Music blog is a place for me to dump ideas when it comes to practicing and teaching an instrument.

    But none of my blogs are well-read, so I guess it’s ok for me to be quiet every once in a while. Sometimes (about once a week) I seriously consider throwing in the towel on all of them, but then I get some really nice feedback that encourages me to keep going.

    • Yes. It’s the feedback that pushes me forward, too. It’s fun, this blogging thing and I don’t want to give it up. I just want to have a firm grasp on why I’m doing it. I don’t want to waste my time OR yours. Thanks for reading, Jill, and for giving feedback. 😉