Tanzania or Bust

Bags are packed.

I kissed these faces goodbye.

The adventure begins in twenty-four hours. Well, actually it starts now. I’m headed to the airport for the longest stretch of travel I have ever been on.

Thank you for taking this journey with me!

If you’re interested in sponsoring a child in Tanzania you can click this link. See you in Africa, everyone. AFRICA! Crazy…



  1. So excited for you!! Praying for travel mercies!

  2. Praying for you and the team and can’t wait to follow along! Is 58

  3. You and the rest of the team have been in my thoughts and prayers today! I hope those sweet faces aren’t too lost without you! 🙂

  4. Praying for you and all of the Compassion bloggers as you head out on this journey. It’s going to be a life-changing experience for each of you, I’m sure!

  5. Praying for you guys and looking forward to amazing stories of God showing up in BIG, and little, ways!

  6. Praying and anxiously awaiting your words to travel back this way!! Jenny