Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

I am sitting in the Tampa airport, sustanence in hand, on my way to Tinsletown for the premiere of The Lion King in 3D.  If you need me, have your people call my people and they can track me down by the pool at the Four Seasons…

Okay, I’m just kidding – I’m not that cool.  Just send me an email or a text, m’kay?  Or you can follow me on Twitter.  I’ll be posting updates there over the weekend.  If I remember.  I’m not a very good Twitter-er…Tweeter…Twitter person.  Whatever.

Buh-bye now!


  1. safe travels, friend. So bummed not to be seeing you. I was thinking that my drive up to see you sould be nearly as long as your flight to get there! Ha1 Love LA traffic. Enjoy yourself.

    • I hate to be so close and not see you! But the happy news is that I got a whole five days with you a couple of months ago. That time together still blesses me! Love you!

  2. you’re not a good twit?

  3. Have a GRAND time!!!!!!

    • Thanks! Don’t mind the w at the end of this message. My phone is going wackadoo on me and I can’t get it to go away! 🙂 w