House Hunting

It’s not nearly as fun as it looks on HGTV.  But we’re encouraged.  That’s what we’re up to this week!  We’ve found several houses that we like that could be strong potentials for our family, but it’s a very daunting thing to try and pick a house in a town you don’t know with only a three day window.  We may take some time.  Or we may buy a house…we found several we liked today.  We’ll see them again tomorrow.

We want to make the right decision for our children, for ourselves.  It’s different down here – different in a good way and in a bad way.  It’s just hard.

Hard to say, really.  We don’t know what we’re doing.  This is part of the adventure.  The best part of all of this, though, is that we KNOW God is in control.  We have no doubt and we are excited about  that…if not intimidated.  And nervous.  And grateful.  And in awe.  We’ve been praying the He establish us in the area that He needs us most.  I trust fully that we will see the answer to that prayer in time.

We’re also dreading the goodbyes to come.

So that’s what we’re doing this week.  What are you up to?


  1. EECK! I’m so excited to hear all your stories! This is so fun! And this week I’m trying to figure out Birthday plans for my almost six year old…YIKES!

  2. I just launched my Etsy page for my beaded necklaces. I am also getting my husband and son ready for a camping trip…. What will I do then?????

    • Well that’s exciting! What’s your etsy site? Because I’m pretty sure it’s always important for one to expand her etsy mall contacts! Good luck with that! 🙂

  3. melcable says

    Kelli- just to encourage you. Ritchey bought our house here without me, I only saw internet pics. But God knew. Through the storms of life down here, our home has been my haven and my saving Grace

  4. This week I am thinking of you guys down there. I am just so dang preoccupied all the time! We continue to be 2 steps behind what you are experiencing – praying you get an overwhelming feeling of peace when you step into the house that’s meant to be yours! 😉

  5. On our last move we were unable to buy right away because we were awaiting the sale of our house in another state. BUT, we see so clearly that this was the hand of God. It allowed us a chance to get to know the area and find a church home…THEN we were able to wisely buy in an area that fit our family! May your good-byes be sweet and memorable!

  6. I totally know how you feel! We were SO overwhelmed when we came to look for a place to live in St. Louis, and we only had 2 days to look. God totally put us in the perfect place! I miss it so much. Praying He leads you to the perfect place for your family!