Happy Bulleted Monday

Alternately titled: My Super Lame Post

– I have nothing ground breaking to say today.  I probably shouldn’t even be posting.  But I’m a blogging junkie so I feel the need to subject you to all kinds of random.  I’m compelled.

– I’m sorry.

– I’ve gotten two solid nights sleep in a row.  Break out the bubbly!  I may or may not have taken a tiny little sleep aid to help make that happen.  It became quickly apparent that if I didn’t do something to get more sleep I was not going to be emotionally capable of handling the move out of the house.

– Speaking of the move, we packed our first POD this weekend.  The walls of my home are echoing now.  And I am walking through my days singing this song on a continuous loop:  01 Sentimental Journey That’s me singing, by the way.  It was recorded at a gig I sang at last January.  And I can’t get the song out of my head, folks.  I AM on a sentimental journey.  I look at my empty house and I see my life.  I remember walking through the front door with the weight of a newborn in my arms and the rush of new mom emotions in my heart.  I see my kids first teetering little steps, I hear baby cries and giggles, I see toddlers sipping hot chocolate for the first time, I hear first words spoken and I watch the progression of my life as a Mom.  I see our life so clearly for the last eight years in this sweet little house.

Or maybe I’m just seeing ghosts…I dunno.

– In two days I’m getting on a plane bound for Northern California where I will spend the rest of the week working on my novel in solitude, catching up with sweet friends in the evening and soaking up some perspective as I step away from it all.  The timing couldn’t be worse, but the trip was planned months before the closing of our house was and I can’t help think that God needs to get me by myself for awhile.  Probably to get me off that sentimental train.  So maybe the timing is just right.

– I’m getting my hair fixed today.  I say fixed for a reason.  It’s painfully crazy right now.  Think two toned straw…that’s what’s on top of my head.

– A bulleted post leads to random, boring facts you never knew you wanted, doesn’t it?

– Father’s Day was yesterday. I hope that didn’t come as a surprise to any of you.  Can I just tell you how blessed I am?  I am surrounded by amazing fathers: My dad, my father-in-law and my husband.  I have so much respect for these three men that sometimes I feel like I might burst.  They are wise, funny, loving and precious and I’m beyond grateful for each one.

– I hear Landon stirring in the next room, which can only mean one thing: My quiet morning is about to implode.  He wakes up sure that the world itself is going to come to an end unless he gets a drink immediately. There is wailing and weeping and whining galore until that sippy cup hits his lips, at which point he turns from devil child back to an angel.

– Apple juice has magic powers.

– I took the kids to the Botanical Gardens last Friday.  It was a ton of fun and I got great pictures…until the sky turned green and melted into an ugly storm while the kids and I were trapped inside a glass encased building with Sloan huddled on my lap praying fervently for the second coming of Christ.

– I told Tia how babies get out of a Mommy’s tummy a couple of weeks ago.  Her reaction was priceless.  I’ll share the full story soon.

– This is the part of the post when I quit subjecting you to the random that is floating through my muddied brain.  I’m off to fill that ever important cup of juice and begin yet another day of packing up my earthly possessions.  Fun.

– I can’t think of a clever way to end this post I’m just going to leave you with this to start your week off right:

You’re welcome.


  1. I have done the super sappy sentimental trip each time we’ve moved (and I’ve never been in one house for 8 years).

    As for babies, I remember when my eldest asked that question. Luckily, we had been watching TLC’s A Baby Story and I referenced her to that. “You remember how it happens, right?” She said, “Oh yead…it’s where they tell them to push and the mom says, ‘I can’t do it! I can’t do it!’?” Yep. That pretty much covers it. 😉

  2. I was just sittin here thinkin as I listened to you singing…Man, you really LIVE your life. You sing on floats, in productions, you stand “next” to stars as an extra, you jet off to foreign and not so foreign lands to vacation or to interview stars…AND you are a mom to 3!! Yes, I work outside the home. But YOU are LIVIN! 🙂

  3. Carol, you’re sweet. Right now I’m such a mess I don’t feel much like I’m living. 🙂 Megan, that conversation is never overly pleasant for moms or kids alike is it? HA!

  4. *hot pockets*

  5. *Caliente Pockets*

    Makes my day every. single. time.


  6. My kids learned where babies come from thanks to “A Baby Story”! 🙂 I say there is nothing wrong with that!

  7. I cannot WAIT to hear Tia’s reaction. This should be good. And….um, I can’t remember if it’s Jim Gaffigan or Brian Reagan, but one of the two will be here in November. “They’re both good” as Brian would say…

  8. We have 3 sons. When I was pregnant with the 3rd the oldest one (age 7) began asking questions. So, Dad had the talk. When he was finished our son looked incredulous and said “You did that to mom?” Without missing a beat, Dad said “Yep, at least 3 times!” 🙂 And with that the conversation moved to questions about why Mars was red!

  9. Hahaha! I’m so glad I only have to have that conversation with one child. My husband is responsible for the other two. 🙂