Because everyone deserves to be a Pink Princess











Superbowl?  What Superbowl?  We had a party this weekend!  It was girly and squealy and happy and silly. 

How was your weekend?


  1. That’s a LOT of pink and green! LOVE IT!! Tia is looking so mature lately, huh?! where did the little, little girl go 🙁 What is your pink back drop made of?? Really turned out cute. Hey, did my friend Amy ever come over to check things out??

  2. A SUPERB PRINCESS! A wonderful party. Mommy Kelli is a perfect organizer.

  3. Thanks so much for the pictures! I’m more sad than ever that I missed the tea party. She looks adorable and her friends look so sweet. Wish I could have met them. You did a great job Kelli!
    Love You, Bebe

  4. P.S. Does Tia have a perm???

  5. Nope – we just braid her hair at night before she goes to bed. We did four braids the night before her party so her hair would be extra curly. 🙂

    @Carol – the backdrop was just a pink sheet I bought at Walmart. The pics are unedited for now – I’m hoping my extraordinary sister-in-law will be able to work a little editing magic on them to really make them pop.

  6. Kelli! It turned out so perfect 🙂 You did such an awesome job I have to share this 🙂

  7. Gorgeous! Happy belated to your sweet girl….

  8. This turned out WONDERFULLY! Love, love, LOVE!

    Happy birthday to your princess.


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