Oh the weather outside is frightful…










  1. candy martin says

    You have got incredibly cute kids. Must be good genes. I love the pictures.

  2. Brrr… Looks so cold and frosty, but very pretty and romantic. I love the pictures. The kids are so very cute. They are grown older. Time flies…

  3. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! It was 60 degrees here on Saturday night. We looked at the weather in St. Louis and saw that the low was 8. We laughed and commented that our wardrobe needs some winter weather improvement. We’re used to light jackets and t-shirts. I asked for sweaters for Christmas. (I seriously own 3.) Hope you guys snuggle up to the fireplace, watch some fun Christmas cartoon in your jammies and drink hot cider/tea and soak up every minute of just relax time. Heal and feel better!

  4. Oh, to have the heart of a kid when snow shows up. Gone are the days when I squealed at the first sight of snow. Now it’s usually a resounding, “Ughhhhhhhhhh.” Thankfully, I don’t see it much living in west Texas. 🙂 Have fun! Make some snow ice cream!

  5. Agreed Megan. We had just finished watching the Little House on the Prairie episode where the kids get lost in a blizzard and they were outside playing blizzard. They wanted me to come out and be Pa and rescue them. I told them I’d be Ma waiting inside the warm church for them to come back…


  6. Keep the snow around till at least Friday, but please get it off the roads so we can get there.

  7. The roads are clear. It’s just wickedly cold!