Let’s lighten the mood

The last two posts were fun for me to write.  I like creative writing and I love to write about the moments in my past that comprise who I am today.

What I don’t like, however, is loading you all down with too many wordy, serious posts.  Life’s too short for that, yes?  So today I will merely throw up a couple of pictures before I tackle the pit that used to be my home.  First things first…diging myself out from under the laundry that appears to be reproducing at night while I sleep.  Seriously.  Piles of clothes everywhere.


This little girl is going to be sporting a very different look possibly by as early as this afternoon, but definately by Monday.  More pictures to come.


What better way to spend your morning off school than looking at a toy catalog and telling each other what you want for Christmas?



  1. Where in the world did you go to be able to get them as early as this afternoon or no later then Monday? By the way do you ever return emails or have you given that up? 🙂

  2. Emails? What are emails? Ha! No, I have been SLAMMED this week. And it is Dr. Blatt’s office. I’ll get them on Monday afternoon. They weren’t going to make the afternoon shipment today. That’s fine…it’s give us a few more days before we start the battles!

  3. Ok hold on a sec, when we took Claire there they told us they didn’t do frames and lenses and we had to go somewhere else, have they changed their policy in the past 2 years?