On Saturday night, our family got to witness the beauty of adoption firsthand.  My dearest and oldest friend, Lindsey and her family welcomed a new addition in a most special way.  Lindsey’s sister, Laura, and her husband, Luke, brought home their daughter from Ethiopia.

Meet Zemma.


Isn’t she yummy?

All I can think about when I see her little face is how her life has changed.  In an instant she went from orphan to daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin and niece.  She went from no hope for a future to limitless possibilities.  She has been grafted out of loneliness and into a family.  A family that will love her unconditionally for all time.  A family that will pour into her.  A family that will teach her what it means not just to be someone’s child, but what it means to be God’s child.

Her life will never be the same.

What a beautiful picture it was and how honored we were to witness Zemma’s homecoming.  To see the delight on her family’s faces as they finally met the little one for whom they had been praying.  And as Laura and Luke walked up to the crowd of excited faces, I couldn’t help thinking of what it would be like the day that I would cross the threshhold into my own heavenly home.  I too have been grafted into a forever family.  I too was once lonely, lost and alone.  I too will be greeted by those who are delighted to have me come home.  I too have been redeemed.  Out of the ashes came forth beauty.   


It’s a marvelous thing.

Welcome Zemma.  May you forever and always cling to your Daddy.



  1. I don’t even know this family but that last photo made me want to cry! What a sweet photo of a little girl clinging to her daddy who will become her everything as she gets older!

  2. So sweet!!! I too got tears in my eyes and all choked up with this last picture! Zemma couldn’t have gotten a better family.

  3. Melissa says

    I agree with both Julie & Jennifer. That last photo brought me goosebumps and tears of joy for that baby and her family. I love it! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. How amazing!! She is beautiful. Love how you compared her adoption and homecoming with ours, into heaven on that sweet, glorious day!!!!

  5. Candy Martin. says

    Beautifully written Kelli. I enjoyed snuggling Zemma on Sunday. She has the most beautiful eyes.

  6. Praise God for His grace and mercy and for choosing us to be part of His family. And praise Him for allowing us as Christians to experience a small glimpse of what He did for us when we see the adoption of a child.

  7. what a beautiful story! she is gorgeous!

  8. Thanks Kelli, such beautiful words and a great reminder of the eternal picture that adoption represents. Thanks for everything.

  9. Adoption is really a miracle! A huge one! I’m so proud for the family that have adopted this sweetie. I’m so happy for this little yummy girl. She is blessed and so are her new parents!
    This post is so beautifully written, Kelli! It touches, it makes think, it encourages, it inspires, it gives hope, it shows that all is well, and it proves how God is good!

  10. Kelli,
    It was really great to see you and your family at the airport. I stumbled across your blog and I’m glad that I did. You are a joy to read!