So we’ve got this snow

While I have not hidden my dislike for the season called winter, I have to admit that snow, when it’s just snow, is good fun.  And we’ve had good snow this year.  Usually St. Louis, being the armpit of the US, gets the nasty leftovers of everyone else’s weather.  Which means that we get ice instead of snow, or we get a dusting of permafrost while North and South of us is pummeled with powder.

But this year, like much of the rest of the country, we’ve seen much more snow than usual and it’s actually good snow.  And, while I’m more than ready for spring to, you know, spring into town (*groan*), I have enjoyed seeing the kids romp and slide down snow covered hills, munch on the frozen ground covering and make endless angels from one end of the yard to the other. 

Because it was a holiday yesterday, we braved the frigid temps to join our neighbors and sled one more time before all of this lovely snow beings to melt.  This means that yesterday got away from me so there are now piles of laundry laying all over the house, dried shoes prints on all the floors, dishes piled in the sink and a wicked smell coming from the fridge due to chives that were left unwrapped.  And all that needs to be dealt with today.  So I’m going to leave you all with a few shots and get to work putting my house back together.











I hope you all are enjoying the cold weather and snow as much as we are!  But, the question begs to be asked – are you as ready for Spring as we are?


  1. We had fun with you all too and you are right we had great snow for sledding.
    YES, I am totally ready for warm weather to arrive and this cold to go away!!!

  2. Don’t hate me…mmm-k? My garden is in bloom here in WA. It’s been hovering in the 45-55 degree mark for weeks. Sure…it’s been raining every day…but spring is here! Daffodils are blooming all over the place! I’m sorry! I do miss the snow though…I feel like winter never came to WA!

  3. I don’t hate you…I might have just thought a nasty word about you, but I don’t hate you? 🙂 BTW – Will you be in town April 10?