This is why daddy is so much fun

Nearly every evening, our home is filled with delighted shreeks, hysterical giggles and the occasional tears – and all of it is caused by the man that our kids call “Daddy.”

He’s a good daddy.  He knows how to love his kids.  Even if he’s exhausted, if they come to him with big eyes and ask him to wrestle, he will almost always say yes.  Particularly if Tia blinks her huge blue eyes in his direction.  Usually I have to scrape his heart off the floor so he can answer her.

The wrestling is loud, it’s crazy and it’s rough.  He doesn’t hold back – not even with the girl.  And when she cries, he reminds her that if she wants to play she has to buck up and be tough.  And she will take a deep breath, brush the tears off her face and dive back in.

And it’s not only wrestling – there’s also tickling, some hide and seek and a good deal of chasing.  In short, it’s good, good fun.  I leave you with evidence.

What about you guys?  How do your kids have fun with their daddies?


  1. hehe! Sam watched the video and goes “THAT”S MY FRIENDS!!” cuteness. Well, Eric does the same thing: wrestles. I guess our husbands are brothers or something. I LOVE your kitchen island…that is the first time I have seen it and YES, it has been that long since I have seen you in St. Louee!

  2. haha I love Landon’s ‘hide, hide, I hide, I hide” so cute!

  3. So much fun! I love Landon’s hide, hide. Hope someday we will have the opportunity to play with you

  4. And guess where these dads learned to do this??? I know what you mean about Lee being rough. I always thought their Dad was too rough, but they did love it and did come back for more. Thanks so much for sending this. We will watch it many times.

  5. Now that is a great dad, he hadn’t even changed out of his work clothes yet!

  6. Oh and to answer your question of how we have fun with daddy, Cory will also wrestle with them and play hide and seek. They also LOVE to ride on him like he is a horse! Cory has to remind Claire too that if she wants to wrestle she has to be ready for the outcome and as you said buck up and be tough.

  7. Yup, wrestling is the norm in our household too. I am convinced that it is God’s way of helping both parties (Dads and kids) let off some steam from the day. On particularly special days, I’ll get chased and tackled to the floor too until Daddy gets an elbow to the face! Somehow, this little thing just teaches kids that Daddy=FUN. I guess the opposite would be Mommy=boo boo kisser and good hug giver?