Wordless Wednesday: Wrestling Babes and a Russian Song

Lee surprise 35th 049

Lee surprise 35th 050

Lee surprise 35th 047

 Lee surprise 35th 051

Memo2 – click the link to listen to Sloan and Tia sing one of their russian school songs…

Happy Wednesday.


  1. What cute little blondes! They have such cute smiles! Happy WW!

  2. Oh the good times! Adorable kidlets!

  3. As long as it all ends up in smiles!

  4. You got ALL THREE of your kids to look at the camera and smile at the SAME TIME?!?!! You must give me your secret! 🙂

  5. My boys love to wrestle too…great pictures 🙂 happy WW!

  6. Bethany – my secret is this: They all happened to be happy and in the mood for a picture at the same time. And I happened to have the camera ready. And I happened to catch the moment in one shot, thus eliminating the need for multiple shots, which would likely ruin the mood.

    So my secret is nothing more than happenstance. It happens once in a blue moon…

  7. I love it!! WTG for having your camera at just the right time! That last photo is def a KEEPER!
    Happy WW

    and btw I have a kick butt minivan – love the blog name!