Pumpkins and Funnel Cakes – A Lovely Combo


Fall '09 029

Fall '09 036

Fall '09 046

Fall '09 061 Fall '09 062Fall '09 063

Fall '09 065 Fall '09 068

Fall '09 076

Fall '09 077 Fall '09 085

Fall '09 106

Fall '09 111Fall '09 117Fall '09 112

Fall '09 118

If you must know – there were also three Kool-Aids, two hot dogs and sloppy nachos involved.  Yum…


  1. Wonderful orange fall pictures. A nice season

  2. Cute pics, did you go to Rombach’s?? Where is Sloan’s Halloween orange? LOVE the picture of Landon getting ready for a piece of funnel cake that is priceless!!

  3. Sounds like a great day to me! None of that food is unhealty when eaten at the pumpkin patch!!!! Thanks for the pics you sent via e-mail. As you saw, I sent them to most everyone on my list.

  4. Correction–unhealthy. It’s better to preview BEFORE activating the send button!!! Duh!

  5. Something about fall and being at the pumpkin patch, makes for great pics! I just love this time of the year too. We need to go to the pumpkin patch yet. I was hoping to go this week, but Chase is home sick with…the flu??? All that obsessive purelling and it took the kid that sits next to him at school to blow it. His mom sent him to school last week sick to get everyone else sick. Oops, sorry, I guess I needed to vent and you are the lucky one to hear it:) He is fever free so far today without meds. Hopefully he’ll be back at school tomorrow.

  6. Those little tow-heads of yours are pretty beautiful! Correction- ‘handsome.’ Sam is always reminding me that boys aren’t beautiful. They are handsome. I’d hate to offend those boys’ sensibilities.

  7. Yes – beautiful is not the proper word. Actually, Sloan has recently informed us that he is cool – not handsome. Silly boys…

    Carol, yes we were at Rambachs. I love that place. I’ve been going there since I was a kid. And Julie, I told Sloan to put on his orange sweatshirt and he didn’t want to. It wasn’t a battle I felt like fighting so I didn’t worry about it.

    Happy Halloween!

  8. Oh my gosh Kelli. The cuteness overload! Utterly adoreable. I need to learn more about this Rambachs place!

  9. P.S. I just looked it up. I didn’t know there was a pumpkin patch in Chesterfield! Yeay. That would be a cool (and much closer) place to go.

  10. Oh yes – you need to go there. They do a great job. And they are a true pumpkin farm – they don’t just ship in pumpkins for the season. You can go out in the fields and pick your own pumpkin, or just stay closer to the barn and grab one of the pumpkins already laid out. I love Rambachs!


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