Wordless Wednesday – The Season is Changing

The season is changing.  It’s crisp and cool outside, beautiful and refreshing.  But I’m not going to lie – I’m mourning summer’s end.  Today, I’m really wishing I was back here:

Dragon Cay, Middle Caicos

Dragon Cay, Middle Caicos

On the plus side, I bought a rockin’ pair of jeans yesterday for very cheap and I’m enjoying wearing those today.  But I’d rather be in my bathing suit with crystal blue waters lapping around my ankles. 

But that’s just me…

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  1. Wow, that is absolutely beautiful! I am torn as I love fall but I too will miss the warmer weather..

  2. How beautiful! It looks so peaceful there!

  3. Loving this fall weather…so where did you get the jeans??

  4. Old Navy of course! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  5. yay! can you believe how cheap they are??

  6. So beautiful! I guess we’re really lucky to be surrounded by scenese just as beautiful here in Hawaii.

  7. Hahaha! I love the name of your blog! Our evenings are starting to dip into the 40s already. It seems like fall is on its way.

  8. candy martin says

    I can close my eyes and see it. It was beautiful there, wasn’t it? Next time we just need to take food. We found out quickly that the shelves at the shops were bare! I am so glad we were able to go to Caicos. I walked the villages my dad walked and for a short time, felt his presence with me.

  9. calgon, take me there! (please?)
    i stopped by for ww – your blog title cracked me up!

  10. Ooh look at that blue water… I wish we’d been able to take a vacation somewhere like that this year! Like you, I’m mourning the end of summer.

    Happy WW!

  11. Ooohhh…pretty colors….I’m very grateful for pictures like this because the first thing that always pops into my head is “that’s what heaven will look like-only better”. I like that thought….