The First Sleepover

On Friday night, we hosted our first sleepover.  Sloan had two sweet friends over and they spent the evening playing Star Wars, watching Star Wars, eating S’Mores, playing UNO, and altogether wearing Lee out.

In typical sleepover fashion, they hopped up on junk food and got very little sleep.  But they also made sweet memories.  We are blessed with good, good friends.  The two boys Sloan had over are great kids.  They’re the kind of kids you want your child spending time with.  They bring out the best in Sloan and we altogether enjoyed watching the three of them play together. 

Tia and I went to my mom’s house while the boys played.  Mom was out on the town, but Tia and I had fun girl time watching Little House on the Prairie and painting our fingernails.  I let Tia paint my nails – she also managed to paint a majority of my fingers as well.  Though my nails are now an assortment of colors (red, purple and orange were her color scheme) she was so proud, I couldn’t bear to take the polish off.  So I sported my sassy nails at church this morning.  I think, though, that I’ll clean them up tonight 🙂 

Suzanne and Nicole, thanks for lending us your children for the night.  They were absolutely fantastic.  For your enjoyment, I’m going to list some of my favorite quotes from the boys and a few pics from the super awesome, totally cool first ever sleepover!

Me (upon returning home and finding the boys all nestled shirtless into their sleeping bags in the tent): “How was your evening, guys?”
Bobby: “Mr. Stuart just told us an…unusual story…
Apparently Lee told them a rather animated story that scared them just slightly…Luke ended up practically sleeping on top of Lee.

Sloan: “When I go to heaven, I’m going to see Granny. I have a Granny (his great-grandma) from my Arkansas. She died.”
Luke: “My grandma died one year ago. She made the best muffins.”
Sloan: “Your actual grandma died?” I love his distinction between a great-grandma and an actual grandma…
Luke: “Yeah – she made good muffins.”
(Don’t you love their sweet honesty?)
Bobby: “I have a great-great-great grandma who’s an Indian. An American Indian I think.”

Bobby: “The only thing that would make this sleepover better is if we could stay two nights.”
Luke: “Yeah. I like everything about this sleepover…except the sleeping.”

There were so many other sweet quotes from the evening, but those are the only ones I could remember. Listening to 6 year old boys communicate with one another is a hoot!

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  1. candy martin says

    What sweet memories. It is so good that you are blogging this with pictures so that you can share it with Sloan as he gets older. Lee’s a good man to camp out again! Oh, and just a little clarification. Mom was at a Sunday School Trivia party, not to be confused with being out painting the town red! (Although that would have been fun too!!)

  2. What great fun for Sloan and his friends! However, there is a missing link in this ‘sleep-over’ saga. Where was Landon?????

  3. Kelli and Lee, thank you SO much for having Luke over! He had such a blast. Funny…I heard a bit about the story, but he left out that it was scary…selective memory, perhaps? 🙂

    Love the comment about my mom, too. She always made muffins with them…chocolate chip ones! Luke doesn’t so much enjoy the blueberry muffins I make that are loaded with nutritiousness. I should make him some chocolate chip ones soon!

  4. Yes – poor Landon gets left out a lot. Actually, he had a grand old time playing witht he bigger boys and eating S’Mores, then he came with Tia and I to mom’s house where I promptly put his tired behind in bed and Tia and I had girl time. He was there – I swear we didn’t lock him in a closet! 🙂