Monday’s Funnies…

Here it is – the video of my sedated daughter.  Again, don’t think I’m advocating the sedation of children.  But, you know, sometimes it needs to be done and why not have a little fun with it, right?  Honestly, I just think it’s the sweetest thing and it makes me smile.

There are three different videos.  They’re only 30 seconds a piece so it won’t take long to watch them  The third is the best – that’s when she discovers her hand.  The quality of video is not that great – I don’t have one-a them fancy phones, ya know?  Also, the video is sideways – sorry, I can’t do anything about it.  If you turn your head just so, you’ll be able to see just fine.

Aren’t you excited?  Do enjoy…


Moving on.  Have any of you seen the site, Awkward Family Photos?  Well, if you haven’t, you absolutely must!  Lee and I surfed it the other night and laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes.  What a brilliant idea – take the random, horrible, awkward photos of families and post them for all the world to see.


Just to prove to you the the hilarity of this site, I’ll give you two sneak peeks.  Then, you’ll have to head over and see for yourself…

Cabbage Patch

That last photo – oh the glory.  That’s just so funny.  So, for those of you out there struggling with Monday, remember, the world is full of goofy, awkward moments that scream for a laugh.  So, in that spirit, may you all have a day full of joy and laughter!


  1. Thanks for the laugh lady…that was hilarious! I’m pretty sure that the guy in the Eeyore costume has lost all sense of masculinity and sexuality. What do you think he said to his coworkers when the pictures came out? Do you think his wife made him a frame and gave it to him as a gift for his desk? What would that conversation go like? “OH HONEY! Thank you SO much!” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    The Cabbage Patch Doll one makes me think of those Garbage Kid cards…does anyone remember those? CREEPY!!!!

  2. If your windows are open right now too, you just heard me laugh sooooo loud….is that the dad as Eor??? Tia is soo sweet and funny in those videos thanks for sharing. You have reminded me to look for the fun in the not so fun times in life….thanks! I am going to check out that site right now…after I go empty my bladder first:)

  3. By the way… I had a bi-level cut just like that girls. sad

  4. Carol – I DARE you to share pictures! Muahahaha!

  5. Good times! Tia’s SOOOO funny in that last video. I had to turn my computer sideways. 🙂

    And someone sent me a link to that Awkward website a while ago and I LOVE IT! I check in every once in a while to get a good laugh. Seriously almost even more funny than the photos, are the comment threads that people leave on them. I think it is HYSTERICAL when people don’t “get” why something on that site is awkward. Tears from laughter!

  6. loving that last video of tia!!

    oh, and awkward family photos…one of our favorites. the most awkward one, to me, was a couple of weeks ago the “saturday night special” of an entire family in their underwear. seriously? what the heck?

  7. Yeah, that one was creepy. Lee and I couldn’t believe they were actually family. That’s just bizarre! Or the couple with nothing on except their cats, strategically placed? Weird…and hilarious. Love that site!

  8. Okay, smarty-pants..dare taken. Go check it out!

  9. My poor niece! She has become the laughingstock of all blogworld. hee.
    OK, the cabbage patch kid in the foreground with the gilr in the background is a little much! That one creeps me out!
    Just don’t post the pic of what you think Eric and I are going to look like in 30 plus years. That would be gross and you do have a family friendly blog!

  10. candy martin says

    Oh my dear, sweet daughter, I do have a wonderful picture of you and your brother that could be sent in. Remember the day dad and I came home early and you had dressed your brother up, balloons and all, and the 2 of you were dancing in the living room. That is my blackmail picture. Tia is so funny in the clips. Bootiful Tia!!