I need your help

Lee and I have decided to take up running again.  Well, a more accurate way to say that would be – Lee has already taken up running (he ran 4.6 miles the other night!) and I am gearing myself up mentally to do the same.  I may never get around to it, but at least I can say I tried, right?

Anyway, we have a bit of a dilemma.  The music on our MP3 player? No good.  I mean, we’ve got some great albums downloaded, but they’re not conducive to running.  In fact, we never really realized how much slow music we listen to until we started trying to exercise to it.

The worst is when you’re running along (or walking briskly, in my case) and Alvin and the Chipmunks comes on singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  It makes you want to run in front of oncoming traffic…

All that to say, I would love some suggestions on some fun, upbeat music to download for running.  The sky’s the limit on artists, genre – whatever.  I just want it to be fast and fun.

So get to commenting and tell me what you listen to while exercising.  I’ve convinced myself that if I actually have good music to listen to, I’ll be able to finally start running again.



  1. What music makes *you* want to get up and dance? Or really rock out in your car while you are driving? That’s what you want when you run.

    For me it is good classic 80s stuff.

  2. You should check out:


  3. Thanks, Ashley! That’s very helpful!

  4. Oh man, Matt’s the runner in our family. I just want to vomit even thinking about running in this heat…so props to you!
    He loads my ipod for me with good workout tunes, and some of my faves are old school J. Timberlake and Britney! Sometimes those are just hard to beat. TobyMac does have some good jams (we used to always wakeboard to TobyMac turned really loud on the boat). It sounds crazy, but Brandy’s newest album is awesome. “Right Here” and “Piano Man” are 2 really good ones on her album that I always listen to loudly when I don’t have any kids in the car. 😉

  5. I listened to those Brandy songs after posting my comment and it got me on a kick.
    Check out the song “You Don’t Know” by Kierra Kiki Sheard (she’s the hip daughter of a famous gospel singer).
    Also, it’s hard to beat Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” But not sure if you were going for kid friendly or not!

  6. Thanks Erin! Great suggestions. I can’t wait to rock out to some of these jams, at a brisk walking pace, of course… 🙂

  7. candy martin says

    Have you ever seen a runner who’s smiling? Nope. That tells me they are not really happy. I say stay home with a nice cup of tea and soft music! (I still have your 60’s music cassette. You rocked that when you were 10!!!)

  8. Ok…she’s a little funky and weird, but check out Roisin Murphy! She’s European…so, you know, but the music is way fun and has an awesome beat. I think every year for the past several years her music has been on So You Think You Can Dance. Good stuff if you like a little funky dance beat…http://www.myspace.com/roisinmurphy She’s my new LOVE…

  9. click on “Movie Star” first…oh and that could be a good joke with you and your extras stuff in Klooney movies…I know you and him are TIGHT…

  10. I have some favorites. Probably not ones that you’ll necessarily want to share with the children – but these songs really push me to keep running.

    MIMS – Move if You Wanna
    Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be
    Jennifer Hudson – Pocketbook
    Fantasia – Not the Way I Do
    Danity Kane – Bad Girl
    Beyonce – Diva
    Whatever You Like – Nicole Scherzinger
    Timbaland – Bounce