Have you seen me?

If I believed in karma, I’d say we were getting a good dose of it. 

If I believed in fate, I’d say she was out to get us. 

But I don’t believe in those things.  I do, however, believe that our dog sensed the fact that we were thinking about finding her a new home.  And I think she took matters into her own hands paws.

Sadie ran away yesterday.  She’s run off before, but never for very long.  Usually she stays pretty close to home and comes back quickly.  But when she wasn’t home after a couple of hours yesterday, I knew something was up.  I’ve called the Police Department and animal control.  I even drove almost all the way to Illinois this morning to the shelter to see if she had been brought in.  But so far, no one has seen her.

This is not how I wanted it to end with Sadie.  I wanted to find her a good, loving home where she would be taken care of and loved better than we were able to love her.  And, oh my, the tears from my kids today have broken my heart.  Sloan just brought me this drawing that he made for Sadie.

In case you can't read it, it says, I Love You Saedie. Love, Sloan.

In case you can't read it, it says, I Love You Saedie. Love, Sloan.

So I am now going to print out some flyers to hang around the surrounding neighborhoods and see if anyone has her.  We’ll see.  Perhaps getting rid of her will be easier this way, but it sure seems like a sad way to lose our sweet dog.  I didn’t want this for her.  She really is a good little dog.  If you live in Ballwin and see her, let me know!

Sweet Sadie

Sweet Sadie


  1. OH NOOOOOOO!!! I am so sad with you!! I will look for her while I am out and about. If (when) she comes back, you may change your mind about giving her away…..at least she is safe and cared for and loved with you, even though you feel guilty she is bored. This is the life she knows:) Maybe this is getting you to realize this??? Poor baby, I pray that she is safe. Maybe she found a boyfriend.

  2. HA! Maybe. I am trying to think of an exciting story to tell the kids should she never return. Like she joined the circus and she’s now teetering precariously over the heads of curious and inspired onlookers, defying death at every turn.

    Or maybe I’ll just say that she found a new home somewhere where she is happy and loved.

    Or maybe I won’t say anything. I dunno.

  3. Poor Sadie and poor kiddos! When I was out running errands this morning I was looking for her, obviously with no luck. I will continue to keep my eyes open for her. Killian is going to miss his buddy!