A birthday wish

There are certain moments in my life that I would love to live all over again. Several childhood days stand out as good enough to relive – most of college I would relive – not a ton of high school though!

One of those memories that I would love to walk just one more time is the night, eight years ago, when my brother and I walked the “streets” of the city walk in Orlando, smoking cigars and just talking. It was the first time the two of us really talked as adults. He was preparing to embark upon a mighty adventure in the Navy; I was a newlywed and living independently.  We weren’t kids anymore. 

It was the first time I recognized my brother as an adult. It was the first time that I realized how cool he was (he wasn’t just my goober-y little brother anymore). It was the first time I really realized that he and I had a lot in common. We had drifted apart during the years I was away at college, and in that late night stroll, a lot of healing took place in our relationship.

We talked about dreams, hopes, goals – all over cheap cigars. And isn’t that how life is figured out – over a pack of cheap tobacco?

I would do that night again. That was a good night.

Happy Birthday, Brett. I love you and miss you. Hope your 28th year sees your dreams become a reality.

You can read more about my “little” brother here.


  1. Uncle Dusty says

    The better the cigar the better the memory but perhaps not the conversation.

  2. That is the way the relationship between siblings are built. On one special day you just realize how close you are to your brother. Your post dedicated to Brett reminded me of my own relationships with Sasha, my younger brother. Hope you remember him. I’m so happy he is in my life. It’s so good to have a brother. That’s why I wish so much to give birth to one more child at least for Ulyana to have someone so close in life.
    Thank you, Kelli, for memories.
    Love you…