Just a couple of Why’s?

I’m a bad vacation blogger.  And you know what? I’m okay with that.  I needed a blogging break.  I needed to get away from the internet for awhile.  It can be very addiciting can’t it?  I am just enjoying my vacation and taking some time to breathe before heading home next week.

Then I’ll be back.  Oh yes, dear readers – I will be back in full bloggy form.  You. are. welcome.

So today, instead of trying to be funny or creative, I just have a couple of questions.  My friend, Nicole, calls these Great Mysteries of Motherhood.  I just scratch my head and think, “Why again?”

For example: Why do children fight, bicker, argue, drive mommy insane wear mommy out every waking moment of the day UNTIL OF COURSE bedtime, when suddenly they’re in cahoots and having a grand old time together when in fact THEY SHOULD BE SLEEPING!  Why, oh readers, why?

And why is it that the second I sit down on the toilet all hell heck breaks loose and everyone needs something at the exact same time?  Why?  I attempted to explain such behavior here, but I still don’t fully understand (despite my brilliant mathematical/scientific theory – read with sarcasm, please).

And now, a why that doesn’t involve the children.  Why do I wake up every morning determined to eat well, exercise and live an all over healthy lifestyle, but by midday have myself completely talked out of it as I snatch a handful of M & M’s?  Why do I do that?

Finally, why, despite all the drama and craziness of every day life, do I wake up each morning thrilled to see those little faces and hug those little necks?



  1. Because mommy is made of love. I miss you, Kelli. We have just returned from Kiev. And coming back, I rushed to my computer to read new stories on your site. I’m glad you are having fun.
    I’m in a nostalgic mood. I miss Kiev greatly…
    And, please, receive our late congratulations on Sloan’s birthday. We wish your handsome little man a lot of happy moments.

  2. seriously…any time i go into the bathroom for any reason, someone follows me. i’m not a fan.

  3. agreed Nicole! or they want to use the bathroom…the one you are using even thought there are two other bathrooms in the house, it has to be the one you’re in!