When Mama’s Away…

There is potential for the house to implode!

My husband is amazing – seriously, as husbands go, this guy is top notch.  He is super involved with the kids, extremely helpful and beyond capable of spending time alone with them.

But I fear I am pushing him by leaving for 8 days.  So, I’m doing all I can to make sure things are in order and to minimize the stress on my dear hubby.

And as I prepare, I’m amazed at how much “stuff” I do in a day.  Seriously, us moms have got it going on.  I don’t always do everything great – hence the fact that laundry is rarely ever completed and dinner is most often started around 5:00, etc…

But is it any wonder?  Seriously ladies – we do a lot.  Here is my to do list before I leave town in 10 days:

-Make and freeze a minimum of 6 meals.
-Stock up on daipers/pull-ups.
-Get the dog a haircut. Or a new home…No! That’s not right, she just needs a hair cut. *sigh*
-Go to the grocery store and make sure we have enough of everything so no trips to the store are needed while I’m gone.
-Meet with the two girls who are going to share kid-watching duties for me and walk them through the schedule.
-Write out a meal schedule so there is no thought/guess work into eating. I’ll write out a schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Quick and easy.
-Coordinate Lee’s schedule with the sitters’ and with the friends who are going to take the kids on the couple of day when I didn’t get a sitter.
-Pack two separate diaper bags for Landon for the two days when he will not be at home.
-Write down all emergency numbers for sitters.
-Write down Sloan’s baseball schedule.
-Schedule a man-date for Lee one evening with another friend. He’s going to need a chance to get out and relax I think…
-Actually complete all the laundry and have it put away.
-Clean the house because I absolutly cannot leave with a messy home.
-Love on my kids and spend some quality time with them.
-Get the oil changed in my car because it’s over due.
-Write two reviews and two Say It Forward columns for 5 Minutes for mom.
-Pack my own suitcase.
-Make sure I have everything I need for my trip.
-Fill my husband with confidence that he absolutely can do this and that he’s going to have the time of his life being a single parent…ahem.
-Pray, pray, pray for safety in travels, good times for the kids, no major injuries while I’m gone and a relaxing, fun trip for myself and my mom. (We’re going to the Turks and Caicos islands where my grandparents were missionaries in the ’60’s. I very much look forward to getting a glimpse of my heritage.)

Whew.  And I feel like I’m forgetting something.  I’ve kind of decided that next week I just won’t sleep – but that’s okay, because I have a week at the beach to make up for lost rest.  Right?


  1. You and mom make a good company together for a trip. Remember Ukraine?
    You are amazing, Kelli. You are so energetic and full of life. You always inspire me.
    The trip sounds exciting and though you feel a bit nervous all these arrangements will be excitement as well.
    I wish a wonderful, relaxing, useful trip. full of impressions and memoirs.

  2. Oh, I forgot to say that I added some more information to the previous post. Hugs and kisses.

  3. wow! enjoy! 🙂

  4. Holy cow, woman. That’s alot to do. Have a blast on your trip. How exciting!