Zoo Day

Whew – we’re home and we’re worn out. After nearly 45 minutes of wandering Forest Park looking for the blasted Zoo, I finally found the detour route that led us there. Um, could we possibly get a flippin’ sign out there folks? Kthanks…

The kids were awesome, partly because they really are just great kids and partly because I told them we’d go straight home if they started fighting with one another or me – and they knew I meant it. I wasn’t messin’ around today.

We’re still fighting the crud around here. I hoped a day in the sun would knock it out of them a bit. Tia is getting over croup, everyone’s getting over pink eye, and Landon’s nose is a constant flow of thick green mucus. Mmmmm…aren’t you glad you stopped by today?

Anyway, moving on…I’m thrilled, nay, ecstatic that cutie-pie Kris Allen won American Idol last night. In fact, I voted for the first time ever on Tuesday night. I voted five times, actually, which I thought was a lot until I read on Facebook that some lady voted 10,000 times on her cell phone. How is that even possible? How do you even keep track of that? Like, was it actually 10,000 times or was it only 9,782 and she rounded up? Baffling.

We are going to lay low this weekend – thank the good Lord. It’s been nuts around here lately. I am thrilled to have no real solid plans for now. Happy almost Memorial Day to you all. I may be back tomorrow, or I may not – because I’m not committing to anything for the next few days. Ha! That feels good…

Oh yeah, and it looks like I may have the new design up by Monday. Very exciting.

*original post as follows*

It’s beautiful out today so we’re headed to the Zoo. I’ll be back later with an update. If anyone is interested in joining us, come on out. I’ll be the crazy lady in green trying to wrangle three kids into submission. Why am I doing this again? Oh yeah, because I love my kids…


  1. Wish I would have known sooner, I would have definitely gone. Kaylee and I LOVE the zoo and I really want to see the stingrays.

  2. Hey I went to the gym earlier today to work out but am heading back after naps to take the girls swimming, want to join us? It is open from 4-8pm, I was thinking of getting there right around 4pm, Cory is working late tonight, yeah fun!

    • Probably not tonight. We wore ourselves out at the Zoo – kids are passed out on the couch right now. Maybe next time – next week we can swim outdoors! Yay!

  3. You ARE brave!! It was a gorgeous day for the Zoo!! Looking forward to summer fun times with you all!

  4. The same thing happened to us when we went down to the Zoo back in March. I had to find a worker in his truck and ask him if I could follow him to the Zoo, they really do need better signs up.

  5. Elizabeth Ward says

    I had the same trouble last week navigating my way thru Forest Park! The signage stinks.