Tuesday’s Talking Pictures

“They” say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So I figure a video clip must be worth around 10,000 words. I give you two clips today. The first is a video they shot and showed at our church this past week – and it’s hilarious.

They brought in several children and set them at a table in a room with a secret camera. Joe gave the kids a cookie and told them it was their’s to eat, but if they waited and didn’t eat it, when he came back he would give them two cookies. I’ll say it again: Hilarious.

If you’ll notice, my kid did not even hesitate – he did not think about it or wait, or even seem to care…he simply ate his one cookie, then wiped all the crumbs off the table (which he then licked off his hand) and sat back content.  He told me later he didn’t want two cookies.  Mm-hmm. 

The best, however, is Andrew, the little Chinese boy who finally succumbed to temptation.  Classic.  Enjoy the clip.


This second video is nothing special – just a bunch of wet-haired, jammie-bottomed kiddos singing karaoke.  That was a bizarre sentence…

After watching that is it any wonder that our kids are always sick? Geesh.


  1. Oh, thank you for sharing!!! The cookie one is Hillarious!!! And the kids singing is so sweet:) Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. I have to admit that since coming home from church on Sunday I’ve watched that kids vs. cookies video *many* times. Joe did a fabulous job putting it all together and the kids don’t need scripts to be hilarious, do they? 🙂

    Even Landon gets in on the karaoke act, huh? 😀 And I didn’t realize just how clearly Tia talks now.

  3. we’ve watched that video a ridiculous number of times since Friday. love it!

  4. I’ve heard about such psychological method and it was so great to watch it in practice. Sloan looks so grown-up in that clip. I like his hair!
    The second clip is wonderful. Katya speaks so nice. I like how they interact with each other. They are singing and don’t forget about Landon.

  5. Melissa says

    that is a scream. i think you should be commended that sloan wiped the crumbs up off the table. what a good boy to clean up after himself. 🙂

  6. That is horrible to do to a bunch of kids, poor things but classic.

  7. those videos are awesome! Jason & I were laughing so hard during the cookie one. I love that Sloan didn’t even bother to think about it! Will totally would’ve done that too! Cute singing too!

  8. looks like a party at the stuart house! woo-hooo!

  9. Stef Allen says

    I love Tia’s moves in the karaoke clip! She cracks me up!! Love you guys!