So Much, So Little

Short bits of information I know you’re all dying to know…

My internet at home has been down for a couple of days now, so I feel like I am slowly suffocating from lack of computer love.  There is a very distinct possibility that I am an addict.

The kids had their russian concert last night.  Pictures and perhaps video to come (aren’t you excited?).  They did amazing.  Tia stood up and said her russian poem right into the microphone!  My Tia (or Katyoosha as they call her at school – I love russian names)!  I was shocked and proud.  It still baffles me how well they both do is those classes given that they get so little practice at home.  Kids are amazing little beings.

I have so much I want to say, but most of it would be boring so I’ll keep it to myself.  I will leave you with a few snippets from the last couple of days:

-When I had my hair colored the other day, the hairstylist found a grey hair.  I made her pull it, then told her to never tell me again if she saw any, but to discreetly pull them while combing my hair.  She laughed, but I’m pretty sure she thought I was nuts.

-Speaking of hair, she gave me a $15 gift certificate that I can give to a friend.  I am going to give it to one of my local commentors.  Just leave me a comment and let me know if you’re interested.  Her name is Olga and she’s great.  She works at The Face and the Body spa and salon in Chesterfield and she only charges $31 for a haircut, so this certificate gives a 50% discount.  It’s a good deal.

-I talked to the bug people yesterday about our mouse situation.  They said that the mice are likely nesting and the only thing that will stop them is if we find where they’re coming in and close it up.  Riiiight.  Our house is 45 years old.  They could be coming in anywhere.  I may have to just construct mouse hotels in the basement.

-My brother recently started his own blog.  Go over and give him some love.  His first story is from back in his Navy days – he’s got some good stories to tell and his blog should be a fun read.  Brett’s a great writer (much better than me, but don’t tell him I  told you that) so I’m excited to start reading his stuff.

Okay, that’s all for now.  I have to go.  It’s thundering and I’ve left my kids in the child care at the gym.  But Sloan is so terrified of thunder that I fear he may be clawing the poor workers to death in there.  I better go rescue him.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy friends and, of course to my own mother and mother-in-law.  I love you guys!


  1. that’s so cool that your kids are in russian school! they’re little sponges, will remembers all kinds of things for school too! i just wish some of that transferred over to remembering what mommy says to him! 😉
    wow! $31 for a haircut is not bad at all! i’ve been wanting to go get my hair cut differently, maybe i’ll check olga out!

    happy mother’s day!

  2. That’s so cool that your kids are studying Russian and do well. Even I feel proud for them. They are amazing. Russian is a very beautiful and deep language. I love it and I think your kids will love it as well.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, my sweet American sister