Why I’m Happy

1. We’re leaving town today to go to Conway to visit Lee’s family.  I’m not excited about the 6 hour drive, but I am excited to get away for the weekend.

2. We found out we were getting a nice tax return and decided to purchase the bedroom furniture that I’ve had my eye on for about two years now.  I’m near giddy about this.  This marks our first big furniture purchase in our nearly nine years of marriage.  We don’t make financial commitments easily.

3. Li’l and Anoop got voted off American Idol last night.  It’s the little things, people.

4. I’ve got some really fun writing opportunities coming down the pipeline.  I’m having a blast.

5. I cut Sloan’s hair myself this morning and saved us 15 bucks.  Just, please, don’t look too close at it. kthanks.

6. We joined Lifetime Fitness.  And it’s awesome.  I want to live there forever and ever.  Today I’m going to go sit in the Eucalytus steam room.  I’m such a diva.

7. I’m halfway through Harry Potter book 6, which means I only have a book and a half to go until I find out what happens.  I gotta say, the Harry Potter books are amazing.

8. It’s a beautiful day and spring is finally here to stay.

9. We’re buying our flowers next week and cleaning up the landscaping.  I can’t wait!

10. My kids are adorable as evidenced by this video.

Don’t you love dancing babies?  Happy weekending to you all!


  1. LOVE the furniture!! I have always wanted a sliegh bed…unfortunately you have to have a master bedroom bigger than a cracker box!! So glad you get to get away this weekend. have a safe trip!

  2. Don’t let dad anywhere near your sleigh bed! Practice a little more on Sadie with the clippers before you cut Sloans hair. You did not do too bad. I remember the time you cut, or should I say, chopped Brett’s hair! Have a great time this weekend. Hope the kids sleep today. I love you.

  3. I’m so happy you are happy. You are so good at finding the opportunities to find happy moments in life. I like the video. The kids are charming. Oh, I understand why you feel giddy about bedroom furniture. I’m glad for you. Many hugs

  4. LOVE the furniture! I’ve always wanted a sleigh bed too! Enjoy your trip!

  5. Girl, you know we are worth the drive. One weekend alone will supply you with endless blog material. 🙂