No posting from me today…

I have a sick, sick little boy who just needs lots of snuggles right now.  Landon is fighting a nasty virus that is causing high fever, running nose and a red, raw throat.  He tested negative for strep, which kind of bummed me out because we could have at least gotten medicine for that… 

But, I will not be absent long, dear internets.  I have a time sensitive topic that I want to post about sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning, so come back soon!  Okay, my baby is crying in his crib so I’m off for some more fevery snuggles.


  1. Poor Landon! I’ll pray that he kicks this virus to the curb really soon.

  2. Sorry to hear little cutie Landon is so sick. Easter Bunny will come soon and take all his sickness away. Give him a warm hug from me. I’m with you in my prayers for you.

  3. Good post – I found this while scanning google for baby stroller info, I know… weird – added ya to my G Reader, Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more. Mark