Morning Madness

A glimpse into a typical morning in the Stuart household:

6:00 am – Lee rises to go to an early breakfast.  I should get up with him as it would make the morning routine much smoother, but I don’t.  I roll over and go back to sleep.
6:50 – I am awoken by two, rather heavy, children bounding onto my chest. I take a few minutes to catch my breath and shoo them out, assuring them I’m planning on getting up right away.
7:01 – I drag myself out of bed. And go into the kitchen where my kids are attempting to make pancakes. I put the kibosh on pancakes and tell them I planned on oatmeal instead. A brief tantrum commences from the three year old. It resolves quickly when I threaten to send her back to bed.

Wondering why they can't have pancakes for the fourth time this week.

7:10 – I lay out clothes for the older kids while I go and retrieve this little bundle of sweetness:

spring-09-0387:14 – Everyone is dressed, but I must redress Tia who has put her pants and her underwear on backwards and is complaining of a “yedgie.”
7:16 – Start breakfast. Give Landon a cup of milk to get him to stop doing this:spring-09-042

7:18 – While the milk is heating on the stove, I help the kids transform their beds from this:

Sloan and Tia's lovely trundle bed

to this:spring-09-039
7:20 – Landon spills a mug of tea that Lee did not finish last night. I grab my handy-dandy ShamWow and test old Vince’s theory on its power to lift liquid out of the carpet. FYI-Vince lied.spring-09-040
7:22 – Sloan’s panicked voice calls me back to the stove where the milk is about to boil over. He’s stirring desperately.
7:26 – The mess is cleaned up and the oatmeal is ready. Everyone sits down to enjoy.spring-09-043
7:38 – We’re finished eating and the kids run off to brush their teeth while I clean up.
7:45 – Teeth are brushed, hair is fixed and shoes are on. Play time can commence. I continue to clean the kitchen, which apparently threw up over night whilst I slept.

Laight Saber battles occure daily. Landon is becoming increasingly violent with his.

Light Saber battles occure daily. Landon is becoming increasingly violent with his.

8:01 – Head to my own bedroom. Must make it go from this:spring-09-035 to this:spring-09-044
8:05 – Banish fighting kids to the basement so I can sneak in a quick shower.
8:15 – finally get in the shower and while there realize that we are out of soap so I have to use Lee’s Old Spice Body Wash. I smell like a dude. Also take note of just how nasty the shower is and make note to clean it…sometime…
8:30 – take break from getting ready to change Landon as the smell of death has slowly permeated the back of the house. Banish still fighting children to the backyard.
8:40 – I’m finally finished getting ready. I started out looking like this.



The finished product is this:

Like my new sweater? I got it yesterday for 5 bucks.  Whoop!

Like my new sweater? I got it yesterday for 5 bucks. Whoop!

8:43 – Sloan falls off his bike and needs a kiss and some sympathy.
8:49 – Get diaper bag ready for the day. Notice we’re out of diapers and toilet paper and, well, food. Try and figure out when I’ll get to the store.
8:55 – Sit out front to wait for our neighbor to come pick Sloan up for school.  spring-09-048

Take a few moments to stop and smell the roses bushes.

9:15 – After Carol picks Sloan up, I give the little kids a snack, then head out the door to go to a friends house for the morning. Decide to run through Starbucks on the way because I’m already exhausted and I forgot to eat breakfast.

And right now? I’m really, really tired. My Starbucks wore off about an hour ago so I’m headed to my nice, fluffy couch for a nap.spring-09


  1. Thank you for this glimpse into your life! In such a way you are becoming much closer to me. And it will be so much fun for you to remember these typical mornings, afternoons, evenings in many years.

  2. Elizabeth Ward says

    AND then you made great plans for refacing your kitchen cabinets, sprucing up curtains, creating curtains, adding molding etc! I’d say you deserved that nap!

  3. How cool…..THAT’S what you were up to this morning with your camera in hand:) I feel honored to have made your “typical” morning entry! Oh, yes, and I do love that sweater….five bucks??? Kohls??? Hope you had a good nap.