American Idol: Thoughts

I know you’re all dying to hear my thoughts on this season’s American Idol.  Well wait no more!  Here is exactly what I think.

Anoop: I’m sorry, but I have no mad love for Anoop.  He just kind of gets on my nerves and has from the beginning.  I think it’s unfortunate that he lasted longer than Alexis.  Last night was no exception.  I mean really – Usher?  I do feel for the guy because I think he’s trying just a little too hard, but honestly – nobody should try and do Usher unless they can back up the vocals with the entertainment.  Usher is an amazing performer – Anoop is not, therefore his performance came across as really bad karaoke. 

Megan: Oh how I want to like this girl.  She’s adorable, she’s got a great attitude and she has such a unique voice.  But she’s just not keeping up.  These last two weeks she’s sounded like an old lady in a seedy bar.  Megan needs to stick to coffee shop type song choices – Ingrid Michaelson, Adele, even Sara Bareilles.  And, for once I understood, and agreed with, Paula – Megan needs to sit on a stool because blessherheart, I’ve never seen someone more awkward in their movement.  Yeesh.

Danny: I do have mad love for Danny.  He looks like a man, he sings like a man and he has a great attitude.  But I did not love his song last night.  It could have something to do with the fact that I am apparently the only person in the world who doesn’t like Rascal Flatts.  So sorry to offend, but the lead singer’s voice is like fingernails on a black board for me.  So that was one hit against Danny.  And I thought he was so pitchy through much of the performance.  But the judges love him and I’m sure he’s just fine.

Allison: Before last week, Allison really irritated me.  Then she slayed Papa was a Rolling Stone and suddenly I kind of liked her.  But last night reminded me again that I’m not crazy about her.  No doubt about it, the girl can sang.  But I could not listen to an entire CD of her sanging screaming.  She’s cute and definately precocious, but not my favorite.  She is, however, the only girl who seems to have some longevity.

Scott: Oh sweet, sweet Scott.  I think he’s reached his peak on the show.  He’s a doll, but honestly, I would rather just sit and listen to him play piano rather than sing.  He has little control over his voice and I’m always a little nervous for him when he heads up into the upper part of his register.  And the hair?  Oh no – nononono. 

Matt: I do have me some mad love for Matt.  But he needs to develop more of a personality.  I think that’s why he keeps ending up in the bottom two.  He’s just not very interesting.  He’s a wicked performer, but he’s a little flat when he’s not singing and playing.  But I have hope that he’ll pull through because his version of Let’s Get It On from last week had me all swoony and stuff – so you know…C’Mon Matt!

Li’l: What is the matter, Li’l?!?  You can flippin’ sing, but why in the world would you think Celine Dion was a good idea?  People have been comparing her to Mary J. Blige for weeks, but she hasn’t done anything Mary J-ish since the early rounds and that’s going to hurt her.  She needs to step up her game or she’s gonna be out of there fast.  I did, however, want to pick up her daughter and give her a little squeeze because oh the sweetness!

Adam: I do like Adam, I really do.  That guy is a freak of nature.  I mean, seriously, he sings higher than I do!  I didn’t love last night’s performance as much as last week’s, but he still killed it.  Unfortunately I do not think I could listen to an entire album of him screeching like that so I’m not overly thrilled with the prospect of him winning.  But he’s still crazy good.

Kris: I love Kris. He’s adorable, first of all, and his wife is adorable.  He’s genuine and he’s really, really good.  Last night was, by far, his very best performance.  It was the first time that I thought he not only had the chops as a singer, but also as a performer and a personality.  I really hope he makes it to the top three along with Adam and Danny, because that would be a real competition wouldn’t it?

Alrighty then.  So there are my thoughts.  My hopeful prediction is that it will come down to Matt, Kris, Adam and Danny with either Danny or Kris ultimately taking the whole thing, though I do think Adam may be the one to beat. 

Aren’t you glad you stopped by today?  So tell me – what are your thoughts?


  1. I love your take.

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name of your blog.


  2. I agree wtih you just about 100% on all of them. According to the ones that are safe are Danny, Kris, Adam and Lil. The bottom three are Anoop, Allison and Megan Joy. My favorites are Danny, Kris and Matt. I too loved Matt’s performance of Let’s Get it On, I don’t know why he was in the bottom two last week. I can not stand Allison or Adam, they are just to “rock” for me and Adam’s screaming, now there is just something wrong about that. I also agree that Scott is a wonderful piano player and should just stick with that and let the singing go.

  3. You know I love me some Rascal Flatts…but we can still be friends.

    Anoop – over it. One good week does not an Idol winner make.
    Megan – gah. please stop singing. Forever.
    Danny – love him. I think he can do no wrong – even if I don’t love his song, I still really like him every week.
    Allison – love the rock edge in her voice, but that outfit. Whew.
    Scott & Lil – over it.
    Matt – if I was not a married girl, I would be in love. And old enough to be his, well, older sister. I wanted last night to be good, and it wasn’t, but I think he’ll be ok.
    Adam – I’ve only liked him for one week so far. I really hope he doesn’t win.
    Kris – love him! Better every week.

    So we’re pretty much on the same page 😉

  4. Candy martin says

    How can you be my daughter and not like Rascal Flatts? I mean seriously…”Life is a Highway” is great! Other than that I’m with ya. And
    now to Lost tonight. Wish you were here to watch it with me!

  5. Isn’t saying that minivans are hot sort of stating the obvious? Hehehe. Giving the devils their due: Allison was superb last week but it was the only time I’ve truly enjoyed one of her performances. This week I was underwhelmed. Adam has moments of brilliance, but there is something about the tonal quality of his singing that doesn’t appeal to me. And I think he’s was born about 20 years too late – I think he’d have been monumental in the 80’s. Danny is my second favorite, and I’ve never been disappointed in his performances. Kris IS my favorite, and I thought he was sensational last week and even better this week.