American Idol – Disco Fever

Last night’s show was surprisingly well done.  It coul dhave easily been a train wreck, but turned out to be pretty entertaining.  Here is my run down.

Li’l Rounds was not very good.  I’ve decided that she is simply not as good as originally thought.  She is not a musician, she’s a singer.  And not even a great singer – just an okay one.  I hope she goes home tonight.  Callous?  Yes, yes I am.

Kris Allen is the exact opposite of Li’l.  He knows exactly who he is as a musician and is really good at it.  He voice is nowhere near as impressive as Danny or Adam, but as far as musicality, he’s excellent.  I thought he did great last night.

Danny Gokey is good, really good.  And, for once, I agree with Paula (for once I sort of understood her, sheesh), Danny’s got a really sexy voice.  I love the rasp.  My only problem is I still don’t know what kind of music he’ll sing.

Allison Iraheta can really, really sing.  I seriously cannot believe that girl is only 16 years old.  She was like a combination of Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera.  She did great, I thought.  I still don’t want her to win though.

Adam Lambert is just a freak of nature.  And he looked awesome last night.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

On a side note, does anyone else think that Ryan is starting to look like an Oompa Loompa?  I think it’s time to lay off the tanning.

Matt Giraud did great.  He was funky and cool and his voice sounded great.  If he goes home before Li’l and Anoop, then I’ll be really, really mad.  I know, you’re all scared aren’t you.

Finally Anoop.  *sigh* I didn’t even watch it.  I heard the first two bars and decided I couldn’t take it.  He looked nice in his hot pink sweater and tie set, but he was almost too pretty.  Even looking at him made me cringe.

And there you have it.  My Wednesday run down.  Who should go? Anoop and Li’l so we can get to the real competition.

Now I’m off to make breakfast for my kids who have been up since before 6:00.  On a day when I have a ton of work to do.  *sigh*  They are just further supporting this theory.

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  1. You missed nothing by tuning out with Anoop. I wish I’d thought to do that. Well – you missed that he didn’t do so hot, which may have given you extra hope for his departure tonight. I’m right there with ya….

  2. SO agree with everything you said Kelli! So funny, I thought Allison was like Kelly clarkson and Christina too! I agree Anoop and L’il are gonners. I have always loved Danny, but after last night, think Kris could win it too!! It’s gettin good….

  3. I too hope that Lil and Anoop go home tonight but again according to the dialidol website, Lil had the highest amount of votes, Yikes!
    Cory said that Anoop looks like a J.Crew ad and that kind of supports what you said about being “pretty”, but of course men don’t say that other men are pretty.
    Danny does have a really good voice BUT he didn’t do anyting orginial with that song last night so to be honest I was kind of bored.
    Adam did a GREAT job!!