10 Reasons Why Mom Bloggers Will Soon Rule the World

1.) We can simultaneously prepare a meal, discipline a child, clean a house, talk on the phone, write a post and dole out unending hugs and kisses.  That kind of multi-tasking is not matched by any politician – I don’t care where he got his degree.

2.) We deal with crap on a daily basis.

3.) The whining of politicians very nearly matches the whining we deal with every day from our children.  We got it covered. 

4.) We know how to find humor in situations that may seem humorless.

5.) We can get an entire household up and out the door on any given day and everyone usually looks put together – well, everyone except us, which leads me to my next point…

6.) We’re self-sacrificing. We put the needs of others above ourselves. Usually.  I mean, my son is crying right now because he’s hungry, but I want to finish this post…okay, this point isn’t exactly working is it?

7.) Most of us drive minivans and you already know how I feel about that.

8.) We’re used to interpreting the jumbled ramblings of toddlers.

9.) We’re not afraid of a little hard work and can clean up any mess, no matter how big it may be.  And we can do it while still maintaining control over our charges.

10.) We serve as teachers, nurses, personal assisstants, drivers, home maintenance, chefs, executors, and caregivers and we do it all for free.  Oh yeah, and we take the time to keep a written record of it all for future reference.

In short, mom bloggers keep the world goin’ round.


  1. Can I get an AMEN to that!

  2. You forgot one very important one- we have a budget, keep it (even if it means egg sandwiches and noodles 3 nights a week), and manage not to send our family into financial ruin or ask someone else to loan us several billion dollars. We cut costs without huge incentives (like new shoe wardrobes). We give and share with others while not robbing one child to feed another. We do this without the luxury of an ivy league MBA or the training at a big-shot CFO. Go Mommies!

  3. As a father of three children who has also had to take on the role of mother for the past two years, I can wholeheartedly agree with this list. I can also say that just because I have had to become a “mom” does not mean I pull it off with the skills of a woman. God has done an incredible work in women. How they work and do all of the above amazes me. I am exhausted!