Wooing George Clooney

Yesterday was my day on the set of the movie filming in St. Louis. I had to sign a confidentiality agreement so I can’t discuss anything about the movie or what we did, but I will let you all know that George Clooney is indeed as handsome in real life as he is on screen. He looked just like himself, only thinner which proves the myth that the camera really does add ten pounds.

For a short period of time yesterday, I was placed directly in front of George (I call him George now because we’re tight). I wasn’t ten feet from him so I got a great view of his hotness. He was rehearsing his lines and he looked up. Our eyes met and he nodded with a slight grin. I nodded and smiled back, then I slow motion flipped my hair. Naturally his jaw dropped and he rushed to me and dropped to one knee, gazing adoringly into my eyes.

Okay that last part didn’t really happen – well, it happened in my mind but not in real life. We did smile at one another though. We shared a special moment, folks, and I’m quite certain I made a lasting impression. Then the director started shuffling people around and I got shifted farther back, but the connection was still there – I’m sure of it.

At lunch George ate with the crew and his table was just a few feet from mine, so I consider that close enough to be able to say we had lunch together. He was a charming lunch date…

I sat with a really fun group of people while we waited to go on set. We called ourselves the table of random connections because three of us graduated from Lafayette within three years of one another and we all three grew up in the same subdivision (it was a big neighborhood so we never actually met, though I knew one of the guy’s sister and he knew my brother). There were other random connections between some of the other people and we had a great time getting to know one another.

In all I would say it was a very fun experience. I’m not sure if I’ll make it into the movie or not given where I was seated. You may catch a quick glimpse of the back of my head, which would be fine by me since I was having the worst hair day ever. It was rainy and humid yesterday and my hair frizzed out making me look a little bit like Simba. Even the hair ladies had a hard time trying to get my hair to cooperate. Oh well, at least I won George’s heart.


  1. Three Against One says

    Hey Kelli sounds like you had a great time, I think it would be so cool to be on a actual movie set and see how it all happens! Also, I would LOVE to see George in person, however, I don’t know if I could stop myself from running up and pinching his rear!
    I had another friend who was also an extra at yesterdays taping. She broke the confidentiality agreement a little more than you saying that it was taped at the Hilton Downtown and she was cast a a Business Women who was in a conference room were George was the speaker! She also said that she had to sign something saying if she took his picture or tried to pinch his rear she would be out, guess I would have been out right away then ha ha!

  2. Melissa (aka Kitty) says


  3. So fun! Lee must be a great sport. Remember when that movie “Where the Heart Is” did a day or 2 of shooting at Baylor? Matt was an extra, and you can see him a few times on screen. I hope you make the film! 😉

  4. That warrants a girl scream! Ahhhhhhhhh! he he he he

  5. Anonymous says

    George has a great smile. I hear he is funny and down-to-earth.
    Can you imagine if they really thought you did such a great job & they wanted you to come back: "Hey you, girl with the Simba hair, can ya come back tomorrow?"
    Actually Kelli- I'm having a hard time picturing you with Simba hair- it always looks great to me!
    Elizabeth Ward

  6. Great experience, dear! A lot of excitemnet, right?