It’s Coming, It’s Coming, It’s Coming…

Joe says he’s almost finished with the mock-up and his wife Kelli got me all excited when she told me the design was amazing.  Get ready to have some fun because the page design is almost here!


  1. Hey Kel,

    Can’t wait to see this thing morph with all your insane skills. Great job Joe!


  2. I’ve updated my reader and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product! It’s gonna be fun!

  3. Hey Kelli, like the new site. I had a crazy thought, wouldn’t it be interesting to have a blogging “duel” between Minivans are hot and No minivan? Just wondering…keep up the good work! Scott

  4. Hey Kelli,

    Saw you had a blog from your Facebook…very cute. And funny! I scanned through the first page of entries and laughed many times. I have many of the similar thoughts on motherhood and life (although I went from a Jeep Liberty to a Suburban instead of a mini-van when our family grew). But I’m sure you look great in the mini-van. I’m adding you to my google reader list!

  5. I love the blog name! I consider myself to be part of the MVM…that’s Mini-Van Mafia! LOL! Just something silly we came up with when we bought our first van.