The Nest and the Bootie

Hee, hee – that title makes me laugh. 

Last night we watched Dancing With the Stars.  I usually don’t get in to that show, but it was kind of fun last night so we ended up watching the whole thing.

Sloan and Tia got into it as well, but half way through the show, I found myself squirming as I watched my 5-year-old oggling the (very) scantily clad dancers. 

Sadly, instead of listening to the silent urging I felt to turn the channel or, better yet, turn the TV off, I continued to watch and hope that Sloan wasn’t really paying attention to the clothing but was more enraptured by the dancing.  Until…

“Hey mom, I can almost see that girl’s bootie! And look at her nest!  She’s not wearing many clothes.  She should be careful or she’ll be embarrassing in front of all these people.”

And that signified bedtime for small children.  Geesh!

Yes, he calls the female chest a nest.  It’s an honest misunderstanding but it makes me laugh so I haven’t corrected him, even though he’s called it that for several years now.  At least he’s got more discretion than he did at 3 when he would comment on the size of a woman’s “nest” anywhere and everywhere.

But, that was the point when it hit me.  While the show itself is rather innocent and fun, the outfits they wear are anything but.  It’s amazing how aware I am of such things now that I have boys. 

It’s funny how before kids, I was determined that I would be the cool mom.  I would be the mom who didn’t sweat the small stuff, who didn’t make a big deal out of the “little” things.  Well guess what?  What I used to think was little is now quite magnified.  I’m acutely aware of what my kids see and hear and I find myself much more vigilant than I thought I would be when it comes to protecting their innocence.

So we will likely not be adding Dancing With the Stars to our family repetoire of TV shows.  I mean, it’s good fun and all, but Sloan was right – there was nest and bootie shakin’ all over the place and somehow I’m thinking that I’d like to avoid him thinking of that as fun.  At least for a while anyway.


  1. I love the “nest” lingo, too. That is adorable. I’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars, but can imagine the wardrobe. We have to help our children stay innocent as long as possible. Good for you.

  2. I’d say your current thinking makes you the coolest of moms. 🙂 God would be pleased and that is where it matters.

    I much prefer “nest” to other verbage. 🙂

  3. WOW! Nest talk is still going on, huh? Gotta love it! Congrats on your new WEB PAGE! You are big time now! I am proud of you for your hard work and determination.

  4. We also have “Dancing with the Stars” in Ukraine. Now we are enjoying the fifth season of it. At first it was just dancing with the stars but then the programme transformed into “Dancing for you”. Stars dance for children whose dreams they want to come true. One dancing pair is responsible for one child. It’s so touching to watch their relatioship grow, to see the hope in the children’s eyes, to see them cry when their pair loses. But the aim of the show to make the dream of every child come true. A lot of sponsors help children to solve their problems.