Is It Bad? Part Three

My third installment of Is It Bad? If you feel so inclined, please join me in asking the blogosphere whether or not certain actions/thoughts/desires that you have are bad. If you choose to join in the fun, leave me a comment with a link to your own post, or leave your own Is It Bad? questions in the comments section.

– Is it bad that when I heard we were supposed to get rain today, I immediately began praying that a hail storm would center itself over our house causing just enough damage that the insurance company would pay for a new roof?

– Is it bad that we still have a hole in our roof from a tree branch that fell during the ice storm of 2007? The hole is just through the awning so it doesn’t actually come into the house and we have put new shingles over that one spot so it’s not really bad that we haven’t fixed the roof yet…is it?

– Is it bad that I don’t buy the “green” movement that’s sweeping the nation at all? I’m all for protecting the environment and we are doing our part by using reusable grocery bags (sometimes) and recycling (when we remember) and trying to keep the lights off when we leave a room, etc… But I refuse to feel like some kind of an earth raper by phonies like Al Gore and 90% of Hollywood. Look, I’m not going to make my family start using reusable toliet paper – sorry! Not gonna happen.

– Is it bad that we still have bits of green twine hanging from the top of our minivan from when we bought our Christmas tree in the beginning of December? Yes, we truly are hoosiers.

– Is it bad that every time I decide it’s time to reign in my bad eating patterns so I can lose the last few pounds of baby weight, I immediately begin craving chocolate with the ferocity of one who has not eaten in months?

– Is it bad that I usually cave into this craving within about 24 hours and consume more chocolate than should be legal?

– Is it bad that I long to live in Florida yet cringe at the idea of leaving everything wonderful we have here so I constantly live in a state of wishing for something that I wish I didn’t wish for?

– Is it bad that the last statement I wrote made no sense and I’m not going to do anything about it?

– Is it bad that I still sometimes think about George Clooney smiling at me and find myself giggling like a little school girl?

– Is it bad that right now I have a few precious hours to get some much needed work done, yet I find myself really wishing that I could return to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? I must. be. strong!

Now it’s your turn – Have fun!


  1. Anonymous says

    Hey- I know I’m pretty laid back and all, but I don’t think any of this is at all wrong. Even your sentence made perfect sense to me.

  2. carol prosser says

    I didn’t mean to be anonymous…It’s me…Carol

  3. KC Silverman says

    Is it bad that I get excited every time you post an “Is it Bad” segment?

    Is it bad that when I do bad things I think it will be ok, ’cause I can add it to my “Is it bad” installment?

    Is it bad that I intended to do my own “Is it Bad” after you did your first. You’re up to # 3 and I still haven’t done one?

    Is it bad that I know the philisophical term for your “wishing that you wished” something? (It’s a second-order desire)….Yes, I AM the Mrs. Dr. Silverman.