In the Process

Hey everyone.

I’m in the process of getting the new site set up and ready to go. I have the wonderful Joe McGill working on the design for me and I’m busy learning how to work the new system. It may be a little sparse around here until it’s all ready to go but as soon as we’re set, I’ll let you know! Enjoy your Wednesday. I leave you with these pictures of my sweet Landon who is figuring out how to mug for the camera:

Don’t you just want to squeeze him?


  1. Yeah, I would squeeze him with great pleasure. He is a very sweet boy. And in this outfit he looks like a velvet Teddy bear. Looking forward to visit your new site!

  2. Three Against One says

    His little cheeks are chapped just like Paige’s, aren’t they so cute! So what name did you decide on for your website?

  3. blessedpath says

    When do you think your new site will be up and running? Maybe I should go to florida for you instead, so you can stay home and work on that???!!! Just a thought, I am glad to help out:)