Great Weather and a Great Giveaway

This weekend was amazing. It was unseasonably warm – as in 84 degrees on Friday – and all around perfect. We took full advantage of the lovely weather and soaked in as much Vitamin D as our bodies would allow.

I took the kids to the Zoo on Friday and we just had a blast. They were as angelic as they could have possibly been, which made the trip fun for me too! Landon is at that delightful age where everything is new and exciting. It was magical watching his face light up as he pointed at all the animals in wonder. I loved it. He really enjoyed petting the goats in the Children’s Zoo –Until one of the big ones got up and started walking toward him… This was my favorite. He was so fascinated by the animals that he would stand as high on his chubby little toes as he could, craning his neck to catch a glimpse. This is pure sweetness.

We all got a kick out of this guy.Sloan and Tia were respectful and obedient and even nice to one another. It was almost a little disconcerting…
Now – on to the giveaway. If you go to Five Minute for Mom today, you can enter to win four 1 day park hoppers for Disney World! It’s easy to enter – just leave them a comment. And you can receive multiple entries if you twitter, facebook or blog about the giveaway. I thought this was a really cool giveaway so I wanted to pass the opportunity along to the rest of you.
I have so much to do today that for me to be sitting at this computer typing out a post is really ridiculous, but what can I say? I’m an addict. Tomorrow is my day to be an extra in the George Clooney film here in town. I have to be downtown at 6 am and will be there 8-12 hours. I’m making a whopping 56.00 bucks! Whoop! I’m excited though. It’s all about seizing the moment and this will be a fun life experience. I’m also trying to get us ready to leave town on Thursday. And the kids have russian school this afternoon, plus we have Bible study at our house tonight. Seriously, I have to get off the computer…


  1. Glad you had such a great time together. Landon IS pure sweetness. It’s so warm. We still wear furcoats. It’s raining and snowing in Ukraine.
    I’m the same type of addicts as you are. It’s 2:45 am now. Instead of going to bed I’m sitting at the computer typing, reading and sharing. Long live Blog world!