What I’m Up To

Recently, I’ve joined forces with the lovely ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom, an amazing site dedicated to empowering and promoting mothers. I’ll be joining them as a contributing writer/editor and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with this opportunity. I love their site and look forward to working with them more closely.

If you haven’t visited their site, why don’t you click on over there now and look around. They offer great advice on anything from cleaning your house to reading books to your young children. They cover a mulititude of topics and have several experienced writers/bloggers on board. They also host weekly contests and giveaways and who doesn’t enjoy free stuff, huh? This week’s giveaway is not only for a great product, but also for a great cause. My Wonderful Walls is run by a husband and wife team who are outrageously talented (makes Lee and I look like a couple of untalented slackers). They make the most beautiful wall murals for children – seriously, they’re spectacular. But, they don’t stop there. The creators behind these gorgeous designs are dedicated to using their talents to bless those who need it. Donating murals to children’s hospitals and kids who are suffering illness, creators Stephanie and her husband aim to brighten to rooms of young ones who need a little sunshine.

Want to know how you could enter to win a wall mural and simultaneously bless children in need? Head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom and read all about it! Then, after you’ve taken the time to do that, check out the website for My Wonderful Walls and look around. I guarantee you’ll fall in love, just like I did.


  1. heresthediehl says:

    congrats on the 5 minutes for mom thing!

  2. I am almost brand new to blogging and really like your post, it is really on target!