Sloan’s First Short Story

Sloan and I wrote his first story together today. He dictated, I typed-and added a few things here and there to make it a little more gramatically appealing. The editor in me just can’t write things that are completely and utterly wrong – *shudder* But I did not change the story – I wrote it just like he told me to, then we added illustrations. I had to draw the airplane and boat, but Sloan filled in the rest of the details. It’s slightly morbid, but there is redemption at the end and it winds up in Florida – that’s my boy!
Once upon a time, in a city called New York, there gathered a group of people who were boarding a plane. After boarding the plane, the people sat back in their seats and relaxed, thinking about all the fun they would have in Florida.

But some of them did not put on their seat belts, so the pilot looked back behind him and said, “You gotta keep safe. You gotta wear your seatbelts because if you don’t, you might get hurt if we crash.”

As the pilot was looking back at the people, he didn’t know that his plane was getting ready to crash. And then, suddenly, KASPLASH!!! The plane fell out of the sky and CRASHED in the water. And THEN, what happened next is that the plane caught fire and the fire turned to lava and ashes and there was so much smoke. The people turned into lava as the lava touched them and many of them died. But not all of them died, because firefighters got to the crash quickly and put out the lava. To put out the lava, they unraveled their long hoses and sprayed the lava. Because they did this so fast, they saved some of the people on the crashing plane. The firefighters put them in their fire truck and drove the hurt people to the hospital. Doctors fixed up the people and sent them back to the New York airport to get on another plane.

The people who survived decided to fly on Southwest airlines, because they knew it was better than the other airplanes. So they took off from New York and THIS time they didn’t even crash. They made it safely to the airport in Florida.



  1. carol prosser says:

    I think Sloan is a talented writer just like his mommy. It must be a combination of good genes, great environment and a stellar preschool education! Sloan, we are so proud of you!!! Keep writing and illustrating!

  2. Three Against One says:

    Isn’t it fun to watch their imagination grow! Let me guess when you fly to Florida you go Southwest?? What a great story good job Sloan!

  3. blessedpath says:

    I’m thinkin you could submit that to the marketing reps for southwest… may get free flights for life if they use that for a commercial!!! What a good story!! Chase LOVES to read and write (daily) too and draw. Keep it up Sloan!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love it when children write creatively. One of my favorite things I’ve seen teachers do is have kids write in a journal every morning when school begins. This can easily be done with children at home. Good for you mother, and great story Sloan.
    Love you both,

  5. A great story! I bet you will write a storybook for children with the help of your kids’ imagination and short stories created by them. What a memorable thing – the first short story

  6. Wow, that is amazing!
    I remember us writing our story together and making illustrations for it!
    I’m so happy Sloan is experiencing this creative tandem with you, Kelli!
    It is a very promising beginning, don’t you think?