It’s been awhile since I recorded the funny things that my vibrant, talkative five-year-old says. So here you go – the sayings of Sloan Stuart:

“Hey Mom, you know what?”
“You know – back in the ’80’s, people didn’t have very much food.”
I don’t know where he came up with that, but I found it disheartening that my kid is now old enough to think of me as really old.

A few days ago we were in the car and I glanced back to see Sloan with his eyes squeezed shut and a pained look on his face:
“What’s the matter Sloan?”
(big sigh) “I’m using my imagination and I’m imagining that I’m in Florida, but when I open my eyes I’m not really in Florida. Why?”
“Oh,” I replied. “Well, using your imagination is like playing pretend. You see yourself in Florida in your mind, but your body doesn’t go there.”
“Oh,” Sloan said looking very disappointed.
“But,” I said, “If you imagine hard enough you might be able to hear the ocean or smell the salty air.”
“Yeah. Close your eyes really tight. Now imagine that we are driving on the big bridge over the water and the ocean is right outside your window – can you see it in your mind?”
He nods his head, his eyes squeezed so tight that I’m afraid he may hurt himself.
“Now take a deep breath,” I said.
Sloan inhaled deeply.
“Can you smell the ocean?”
He’s quiet for a minute, then, with his eyes still closed he says, “Nope. Don’t smell it. Smells like our town.”

Oh well, so much for an exercise in imagination. Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday. We are doing much better here today. It was a 24 hour thing so we’re already on the mend. And I’ve settled on the name for my blog, which I will announce once I’ve got the new site underway. Thanks for all your suggestions and for all your voting. I’m excited to move forward with this. Bye now, bloggy friends!


  1. Sloan is so cool. And I like your replies. A good mom. I do hope you are ok. Kisses