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On American Idol: I think America (mostly) got it right last night. I love the little pink haired Molly-Ringwald-lookalike girl (what’s her name?) and think she is a legitimate singer. Danny is also a very good singer, though I was with Simon in that I didn’t think he did well enough to warrant the swooning from the other judges. And, while I really like the oil rig guy and I’m glad he’s getting a second chance, I really wish the guy with the spikey hair who sang second would have made it through instead. Oil rig is cute and nice and totally likeable, but spikey hair could sing! And I think it’s completely unfair to him that he had no camera time coming into these rounds. He deserves a second chance and I hope he gets it.

Boy, that would have been a whole lot clearer if I could have remembered people’s names, huh?

Anyway, moving on to LOST. All I can say is OMG, OMG, OMG I love that show. Where are they? Where year are they in? What the heck is going on? Why is my heart beating so fast right now? I want to know what happened to Aaron and where the heck is Sun’s daughter? Will Locke come back to life on the island? How did Hurley and Sayyid end up on that plane? What an wonderful show. When it goes off the air in 2010, I fear I may have withdrawals.

So there you have it. Glad you decided to click on over here today? Was it totally worth your time? Well, now I have a question for all you bloggy friends.

I am going to develop my own website and get self-hosted. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile because I really am not crazy about blogger, and I want to have a little more freedom with my blog. When I make the switch to my own URL, I am going to change my blog name. I’ve gone back and forth about this and finally decided that I want to do it. I’ve never been crazy about the name of my blog. I picked it in a moment of sleep deprivation when I knew very little about blogging in general and I just think it’s kind of a mouthful and a little random. So, I’m including a poll at the bottom of this post and I want you guys to vote on the name you like best for my new blog. I’ll let you know the results in a few days and I will likely start putting together the website in the next month or so.

The choices for the new blog are:;;

I tried to think of variations of my current blog title that I liked, but couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t sound inappropriate (i.e. or – yikes!) So vote away – I’m excited to see what your thoughts are.

Bye for now blogland!

What Should I Name My New Blog?
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  1. heresthediehl says:

    I want my own self-hosted site, too…do you know who you’re going to use?

    I like Oil Rig guy, but I’m with you…I wanted Ricky to go through. I LOVE Danny and think he sounds a little like David Cook, which is fine by me. Also liked the pink haired girl. I really haven’t watched this season until Tuesday night so I have no idea who is good in the next two groups!

  2. We LOVE Lost, too, and are SO sucked in. Why didn’t Jack ask what the heck happened to Ben’s face?! And why is Kate acting so weird? Is it because she gave Aaron away and feels guilty?

  3. Three Against One says:

    I agree with you 100% about American Idol. I for sure wanted to girl with the blond/pink hair to make it and Danny. I also thought that Ricky was probably the best vocalist that I heard out of the guys and who knows maybe he will be one of the “wild card” picks. I am glad that the oil rig guy made it as he is a daddy and his job is just way too dangerous.

    LOST- OMG OMG OMG is right!! I can’t wait to find out why Jin is working for Dharma, Cory said “who knows what year they arrived in and thinks that Jin got sucked into working for Dharma somehow.” The only thing that I can think of is that Kate gave Aaron to Claire’s mom. I hear you with Sun just leaving her daughter, I kept sayig to Cory “where is her baby she can’t just leave her baby.” Cory said that Sun had no choice as her daughter was in China and there is no way that she could have gotten her to LA in time to make the flight. I however don’t think that she even thought about bringing her along which is just CRAZY. Saving the last question for last YES, Locke is alive again now that he is back on the island, I knew he would be!

  4. I LOVE the title Three Times the Love!

  5. Melissa (aka Kitty) says:

    LOST, totally love it because I am LOST at the end of every show. My head spins for 60 minutes trying to comprehend what I just heard. Minivansarehot is an awesome name.

  6. blessedpath says:

    Okay, you LOST girls need to get a hobby!!!! JK!!! I have tried time and time to start watching that show and never could get it… I DO get hooked to certain shows, myself. How exciting about your new website. cant wait!!!