Wordless Wednesday: Thank you Jon Stewart


  1. paulshaver says


  2. Three Against One says

    That’s great! Take that you Bush haters!!
    So far my favorite book is still the first one. I couldn’t get into book 2 because Edward was away and there was no Bella/Edward storyline to keep me interested, sorry I just can’t wrap my head around Bella/Jacob. Book 3 is okay but I need some excitement. I think that will happen soon with all the killings that are happening in Seattle.
    Let me know when you are finished and I will swap you Edward for Harry. Ha, don’t tell Cory but I think I have a crush on Edward, who won’t???

  3. heresthediehl says

    HILARIOUS! I’ll make sure my brothers have seen this…

  4. That is hilarious!!!

  5. THAT. IS. SO. AWESOME. Indeed, thank you Jon Stewart.