Wordless Wednesday: Thank you Jon Stewart


  1. paulshaver says:


  2. Three Against One says:

    That’s great! Take that you Bush haters!!
    So far my favorite book is still the first one. I couldn’t get into book 2 because Edward was away and there was no Bella/Edward storyline to keep me interested, sorry I just can’t wrap my head around Bella/Jacob. Book 3 is okay but I need some excitement. I think that will happen soon with all the killings that are happening in Seattle.
    Let me know when you are finished and I will swap you Edward for Harry. Ha, don’t tell Cory but I think I have a crush on Edward, who won’t???

  3. heresthediehl says:

    HILARIOUS! I’ll make sure my brothers have seen this…

  4. That is hilarious!!!

  5. THAT. IS. SO. AWESOME. Indeed, thank you Jon Stewart.