Guess who has Influenza?

Us! All of us. Every. last. oneofus. Last night was quite possibly the worst night of my entire existence. I felt like a thousand tiny Oompa Loompa’s were jack hammering around in my head and apparently the fire’s of hell were lapping around in my throat. On top of that, Lee was also a snotty mess and both of us alternated between shivering uncontrollably to throwing the covers off in a flash of heat. Then Tia woke up a snotty, blubbery mess. Then Landon woke up with a fever. I’m not sure anyone really slept well.

This morning, as I was making breakfast, Sloan started projectile vomiting and sneezing blood at the same time. Too much information? Sorry. So off we went to the pediatrician who tested both Sloan and Landon for influenza and both were positive. And since we all have the same symptoms, we were all diagnosed at once. We are our pediatrician’s first case of the flu all season, a distinction I could’ve done without, thankyouverymuch.

What’s really infuriating is that when Lee had Sloan at the ER the other night they didn’t actually test Sloan for influnenza. If they had, we could have gotten him on Tamaflu and nipped it in the bud pretty quickly. Now, it’s too late for him. He’s just got to ride it out. Tia and Landon are starting on Tamaflu and as I type Lee is at our primary care doctors begging him to write a script for us without having to actually see us. Good times in the Stuart household! We have to get everyone well so we can have Tia’s birthday party on Saturday. Lysol is about to become my very best friend.

So, it will probably be touch and go around here for a few days. We’re hanging in there but we’re all weary. Hopefully the Tamaflu, which only has a 50% effectiveness against the influenza strain, will work for us. Here’s to hoping!

*update: My husband just called me and told me that it is a fifty dollar copay for Tamaflu! That’s 50 bucks/prescription! Sooooo…Lee and I will be toughing out the flu and we will only be getting the medication for Landon and Tia. Geesh.


  1. heresthediehl says

    oh, kelli, i’m so sorry to hear this. how frustrating about the ER and sloan! poor guy.

    i’m praying this is over fast.

  2. Anonymous says

    What a bummer!!! If Tamiflu was a sure thing it would have made your decision easier. In this situation DVDs and the television are your friend. Feel no mommy guilt and use them liberally.
    Elizabeth Ward

  3. If you need anything – like soup or more kleenex or anything let us know. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. blessedpath says

    Oh Man!!! Kelli, I am so sorry to hear you are ALL sick!! It’s especially hard for you, the mom. nothing worse than having to care foryourself AND the kids…. Make sure Lee doesn’t forget about you this time in the bedroom…I had already planned to take Brooke to my parents tomorrow for them to drive her to school! Get well soon, and yes, let us know if you need ANYTHING

  5. sorry babe!

  6. KC Silverman says

    As the proud owner of a Tamiflu prescription myself, my advice….pay the 50 bucks.