Boredom leads to strange things

Sloan and I were bored this afternoon and the Star Wars figures were sitting in the doll house. We had a good old time making up a very bizarre story.


The Epic Battle Gone Terribly Awry
Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, there was a young Jedi knight, Master Ben Kenobi. Trained in the order of the Jedi, Master Kenobi was a special soul with much to offer to the galaxy. As a young man, Master Kenobi came across a boy who showed great potential for good use as a Jedi and so Master Kenobi took this boy, nourished him and trained him and the boy did indeed grow into a bold and fearless Jedi.
But the boy, Anakin, was brash and impulsive. Those qualities were a great hindrance to his quest in the Jedi order. There was a darkness in him that Master Kenobi desperately tried to tame, but it was no use. Anakin Skywalker gave himself over to the dark side losing nearly all of his human form.
More robot than man, he took on the name Darth Vader and became a fierce and powerful enemy.  Master Kenobi was, understandably, disappointed and pained that his star pupil became the very epitome of evil and he took it upon himself to search down his wayward student and destroy him once and for all. Thus began an epic battle.
But Master Kenobi underestimated Vader’s strength and power and he was quickly defeated.Stealing Kenobi’s light saber, Darth Vader swiftly cut off his former master’s arm. In a most uncharacteristic moment of sympathy, Darth Vader left Kenobi to die alone rather than finishing him off.

Summoning his last ounce of strength, Master Kenobi used the force to pull himself up off the ground and, cradling his limp stub of an arm in his good hand, he fled the galaxy and sped to a foreign and new place where he intended to leave his failures and shame behind him.

For many dark days, Master Kenobi wandered through the rugged, thick terrain, wasting from lack of food and losing his will to survive. But, though he no longer had the mystical power of the force to back him up, he did have physical strength that allowed him to push forward despite extreme weakness.

Then he came upon a most strange and beautiful sight. A large palace unlike any he had ever seen. Pulling his weak frame up, Master Kenobi stumbled to the bizarre structure.

Raising his hand, Master Kenobi rapped three times on the solid door. When it opened, he found himself staring into the bewildered eyes of a beautiful woman holding two screaming babies in her arms. Explaining his situation and his need for shelter and work, the woman nodded her head and told him she had just the job for him.

Master Kenobi, however, was not prepared for the task that was quickly thrust upon him.

Due to this family’s extreme lifestyle, it appeared that the parents were in desperate need of someone to watch their children while they both worked.

 Thus, Master Kenobi became Ben-Ben the Manny.
He discovered quickly that he was not well suited for this job. Within the first day, he lost one of the children, a small boy who was quick and sneaky. The girl was a little more manageable, but a handful nonetheless. Ben-Ben sang to her each night, a soft melody that, try as he might, he could not bring himself to stop humming. It was the same melody he had sung to his protege so many years earlier.

One of the more difficult details of his job required changing the constantly full diapers of his young charge. This was all the more difficult due to Ben-Ben’s abnormally small size in comparison to the child. Ben-Ben grew so tired of this cumbersome task that he decided to teach the child the art of using an adult facility.

Unfortunately, this did not go well and Ben-Ben found he had greater messes to clean up. He quickly put the child back in diapers and sent her on her way.

Ben-Ben sighed as he cleaned the bathroom, wondering how his life had taken such a drastic turn.

Looking intently in the mirror, Ben-Ben tried to conjure up the image of his former self. A man full of confidence and self-assurance. A man who was a truely gifted Jedi Master. But, try as he may, Ben-Ben could not summon the force. It’s power took no effect in these strange circumstances.

Every evening, as Ben-Ben slaved over dinner and baked endlessly, he tried to remember the skill that had once been so natural to him.

He sighed dramatically as he set the meals in front of his employers, both of whom took to ignoring him when he lost their son. They now only stared at him with half-smiles frozen on their plastic-like faces. It was unnerving…

The only solice Ben-Ben found were his daily moments of peace in the garden that he had cultivated. It gave him a sense of purpose and skill closely akin to the Jedi powers he had once taken such pride in. In those quiet moments, Ben-Ben felt like Master Kenobi once more.

At night, when the baby was asleep and the house was clean, Ben-Ben lounged on the couch, letting the sweet sounds of Johnny Coltrane and B.B. King wash through his soul. He wondered if perhaps these men were master’s of the force, their music so moved his aching soul.

And of course, every night before bed, Ben-Ben stood at his balcony and looked out at the glimmering, flickering stars that dotted the black sky. He thought of his galaxy, so very far away, and wished that he, once again, could be a great and mighty Jedi Knight.

So, my friends, will Ben Kenobi ever gain back his use of the force and return to his proper position as a leader of the Jedi Order? Only time will tell…


  1. That was hilarious and awesome! I hope Sloan fully appreciates what a cool mom you are! 😀

  2. heresthediehl says


    ps…don’t you LOVE how easily these toys can be dismembered?

  3. ha ha ha ha! You crack me up lady. Sloan has no idea how lucky he is to have a mom like you. Cooper asks me to play with him all the time and I am just no where near as imaginative as you. Way to go cool mom!

  4. blessedpath says

    No way, I felt like I was watching an old Saturday night live spoof!!1 My favs: Ben-ben cleaning the ginormous toilet, lying in the bed and cooking…, have you lost it up there or what??!! Are you sure Sloan was actually playing with you??? Or were the kids “resting” and you played all by yourself. I can help if you need some……..

  5. I have to agree with Carol, are you sure Sloan was there with you? I tend to think that you were all by yourself thinking up this one! 🙂 Ha Ha.

  6. Too funny. Should I be worried about you though? Sloan is going to be so confused about Star Wars! You have always had a wonderful imagination from the time you were little. I think it’s time you started writing down all these stories because Sloan will expect it to be the same everytime you tell it. Tia may not be too happy with you and Sloan. Ben Ben the manny may have many more adventures. Love ya and miss you

  7. The Original 2 Prices says

    How Hilarious!!! I can’e believe that Ben Ben can do all of that with just one arm!! Wow he is amazing, the force is definitely strong with you my friend…

  8. What a fun mom! You put the rest of us to shame…at least me anyway! Want to come play with my kids? 😉

  9. I was busy these days with Ulyana. She didn’t give me any free second. I started reading the story and wanted to know the end. The story is so interesting. Have ever thought about starting writing fairy tales. I would be one of the first to order the book.
    And the doll house is SOMETHING. It’s gorgeous. I want to buy the same to Ulya when she is bigger. I will play myself for hours.


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