A groovy weekend of firsts

My kids are sitting on the couch right now watching Little House on the Prairie. And my heart is melting at the thought. That show brings back such a feeling of nostalgia. I get teary at nearly every episode – I’m such a girl. I wasn’t sure they would like it because it’s a little slow, but, much to Lee’s chagrin, Sloan loves it! Tia’s a little young, but she’ll get it someday. How can you not love that show when Pa says things to Ma like, “Why do you think God made you so pretty if He didn’t want you to have a new dress?” *sigh* My heart gets all fluttery.

Saturday was the big day of Landon’s first haircut. After people repeatedly called him a “she” I decided it was time to take the plunge. It’s much shorter than I like and we’ll grow it out again, but hopefully it will have a btter shape. He also got his first sucker while getting his haircut. He was diggin’ that!The poor boy has a funny shaped little head. The haircut really emphasizes it. We’ve taken to calling him Stewie because we think he looks a little like this guy:Fuji Notebook Computers
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Anyhoo, moving on… Saturday night Lee and I went to a belated Christmas party at his co-worker’s house. It was a sixties theme and since we’re always up for dressing up, we went like this:

I got to wear false eyelashes which were fuuuun!It was a white elephant gift exchange and we brought our favorite white elephant gift – a live lobster. It’s not an original idea but we’ve done it a couple of times and it always goes over well. Here are Lee and one of the guys at the party singing to the lobster before they boiled and ate him.

That’s all for today. I have a really interesting opportunity tomorrow that I’m excited to tell you all about so stay tuned and have a great Monday!


  1. Hyser Family says

    I love your pants. Seriously — those are the perfect dress up pants. Wonder where I can get a pair? Never know when you are gonna need rainbow plaid. 🙂

  2. You and Lee would have had too much fun and probably gotten in to too much trouble in the 60’s! I am loving the eyelashes. And sweet Landon looks so cute. He sure has that Martin noggin!

  3. Oh, you seem to have had a great time in the 60’s. cool outfits. And i love Landon’s hair. very charming. Do you feel comfortable wearing those eyelashes? I have always been interested if they are comfortable. talk to you soon