Who’s the Bigger Kid?

We got this new camcorder for Christmas from my parents and I’m busy trying to figure out all the fun features. Sloan also got a new Nerf gun, which means we now have two…which means that Lee and Sloan have had some mean gun fights the last couple of days. So, what’s your vote? Who do you think is having more fun?


  1. blessedpath says

    DEFINATELY the big kid in black!!! Guys are so funny like that…..they revert back to childhood the moment a toy, or video game is involved!! How exciting you got a new camcorder!!!

  2. Bugs and Sunshine says

    my little boys are LOVING this video!!!

    personally, i like the dog and the baby looking on the whole situation.

    very. very. funny.

    how do you like your new camcorder?

    i got a handheld camera, looks like a blackberry phone but it videos. have you seen those?