The Memo

Sometime last week, Landon received a memo that I’m certain read something like this:

Landon, the information contained in this brief memo is of the utmost importance.

Now that you are walking and are just days from your first birthday, you are officially given the title of toddler. With this title comes some added responsibility. First, while I understand that being the baby has its perks, (i.e. a lot of positive attention, no responsibility, someone to wipe your rear and carry you around, etc…) you must now begin to assert yourself more. Because your vocabulary is limited to grunts and squeals, this will require some creativity on your part.

Effective tools used by others are: kicking your feet, arching your back, screaming (this is particulrly effective in public places), falling to the floor, crying incessantly, hitting your siblings (this will require that you work on your coordination a little), throwing your food or cup down on the floor, etc…

The point is, you should assert your desires and stop at nothing until you get what you want. You don’t want to sit in your car seat? Arch your back and throw your head into the seat. Your mom won’t be able to buckle your belt and it’ll make her a little crazy. You want to eat the dog food but they tell you no? Shove as much into your mouth as possible, then kick and scream when they dig it out – that’ll teach ’em! Also, it is imperative that you become a little pickier at the dinner table. Stop making it so easy on your parents. They need the excitement of a challenge. I know they’re up to their ears in the discipline of your brother and sister, but come on, you need to get in on that action!

Finally, start exploring the land around you a little more. Climb things, knock down large items, make a mess whenever you get the chance. Climbing up that complete set of stairs yesterday was just short of brilliance. It gave your mom a small heart attack and you set the new standard. Let her know that life is not going to be peaches from here on out. Thus far you’ve been complacent and sweet – a model child. It’s time to spice it up a little. Get out there and go for it, kid!

Now, this memo was left unsigned, of course, but Landon took it quite seriously. I have my theory as to who could have sent it. My guess is either his brother and sister, who are likely tired of being in the hotseat and want someone else to feel mom’s wrath, or the little booger in the mirror who is constantly laughing at Landon and giving him kisses, like this:

No matter who it was, I don’t like it. I was diggin’ the sweet, complacent, easy going baby. And just as a reminder, I already have a strong-willed 5 year old and a stubborn, independent 2 year old. I’m due for the “easy kid,” right? Wait, what? All kids have their own set of issues? There’s no such thing as an easy kid? They all take work? Really? *sigh*

My sweet Landon turns one on Tuesday and I just can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. This time last year I was as big as a house and totally unprepared for the transition. This year, I’m in full swing, we’re already done with bottles (sniff), walking, eating table food, and yes, throwing tantrums. How does it go by so quickly? I’m really glad I started this blog after Landon was born because this year just feels like a blur. I’m so grateful I can go back and remember those days, or at least read about them because apparently I checked out for the first several months of his life!


  1. Three Against One says

    I love it that is a great “memo” Paige got hers a longgg time ago and it was way to early if you ask me. I totally agree with you about how fast they grow up and how it all becomes a blur. I noticed when Paige was about 6 months old that I couldn’t remember certain things that Claire did at that same age. It made me really pay attention with Paige and appreciate all their little tantrums and explorations.

  2. Three Against One says

    Just saw your comment on Becke’s blog. I have been getting a lot of really good new recipes off the Kraft Foods website. So far they have all been really good and easy and the best part they are FREE!

  3. Sweet Landon… I would like to kiss him. Kiss him for me, please. I’m grateful to you for showing me blog world. Before starting the blog I kept the journal for Ulyana. I started it when she was 4 months old and going back to the first month I noticed that I forgot some details. Every moment is precious. And it’s so good that we like writing and we do this. And when the years pass, it will be so interesting for the kids to read about their early days. And we will be able to live these sweet moments again.

  4. Hyser Family says

    Crazy thing… I think Kaleb got CC’d on this memo. 🙂