Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I’m afraid I have a confession to make. I don’t believe in you – or, at least I didn’t until last night. But you, my roly-poly friend, were the originator of a Christmas miracle unlike one I’ve ever before seen and today, I say with full conviction – I believe.

Sure, Lee and I were the ones who actually bought the gifts. I may or may not have used psychology on my kids to manipulate them into asking you for gifts that I had already purchased for them. Lee and I happily munched on “your” cookies and gulped down the nice, cold milk last night before we went to bed. And, okay, I wanted it to look authentic, so yeah, I messed up the fireplace and wrote a phony “Thank You” to the kids. Just because I don’t – er, didn’t – believe doesn’t mean they shouldn’t experience the thrill of your myth right?

But then, the true magic happened. My kids, who have been a nightmare to put to bed for several months since they began sharing a room, were perfect last night. On any given night, dear Santa, they have been known to get out of bed 5 or 6 times and goof around for up to an hour. We’ve resorted to putting Tia in our own bed until she falls asleep just to protect our sanity. But last night? Perfection. Not a peep. They so anticipated your midnight visit to our home that they immediately shut their eyes and drifted off to sleep. And Lee and I sat in wondrous silence, unsure exactly what to do with ourselves.

And so, after last night, I do believe. I believe in you, Santa. But *ahem* I have a tiny request. Since it’s still Christmas and all, I figured I could ask one small favor. Could we possibly tell them you’re coming to our house every night? Could we take full advantage of your magical powers and bring a little holiday cheer into our home nightly around 8:00? That would really be great. If you would be willing to fly to St. Louis on a daily basis for us, we would be forever grateful and I will be your strongest advocate for the rest of my life.

Think about it…

A weary mom

P.S. We had a wonderful Christmas. Here are the gifts “you” got them. Tia loves her dollhouse and Sloan was thrilled with his excavator set. You did good, Santa!

The much anticipated excavator set that came with a million tiny pieces. Say it with me (and make sure your voice is laced with sarcasm) – awesome!

Here is Tia’s super fun, tricked out dollhouse. We will log a lot of hours in playing with this house. It was a supreme investment.
The family. Mommy is sitting at the picnic table while daddy grills her some grub and also pushes the twins on their swingset – they’re a modernized family.

I had to include this picture because it makes me laugh. That’s Tia in her new pirate costume and Sloan dressed as Darth Vadar sneaking up from behind to slay her.


  1. So if Santa comes every night, do you have to buy gifts for every night? Cute pictures.

  2. blessedpath says

    So cute!! Love the last pic of Sloan and Tia…the look on Sloan’s face is priceless!! Glad you had a great Christmas…Funny, the opposite happened at our house on Christmas Eve. Brooke has a cough and was gagging for 2 hours, so I finally had to lay with her and Chase got up a few times saying “she keeps waking me up from a deep sleep, when she coughs” Geesh, I just kept saying, santa won’t come till you both are asleep…go…to…bed. Finally at 1:30, I could finish MY job for Santa…then off to bed I went. Man. Hey, Brooke’s doll house looks different in some ways. Wierd. But she loves hers too. I wish i had one of those growing up. We will prob. be outside later-it’s supposed to be 50* Yeah!!!

  3. Three Against One says

    I know exactly what you mean. Claire kept telling Cory to drive faster and get home (from my in laws in Glendale) because we had to beat Santa. Then once we got home she was running up to get in bed and get to sleep. It was WONDERFUL!! Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday. I got my new camera (like yours) and it is awesome, I couldn’t stop taking pics yesterday!!