Birthday Party "Fun"

We had Landon’s birthday party last night. These one year old parties get more and more stressful the more kids that we and our friends have. But it was still a nice time to visit with friends and celebrate my little man’s life. Here are a few pictures from the shindig…


  1. Three Against One says

    We had such a nice time visting with everyone. Landon is too darn cute and I love the face with all the icing! Happy Birthday again little guy!!

  2. It’s so hard to believe he will be 1 tomorrow. He just gets cuter everyday. What a joy he has brought to all of us. And the boy knows how to eat his cake! He handled the party well..just did his own thing all evening. Hope he has had fun with his toys today, that is if Tia the snatcher lets him play with them!

  3. I’m glad you had a nice birthday party. Landon is so cute on those pictures. Your precious little boy is 1. Unbelievable! what a blessing he is. I’m happy for you, Kelli. Much love to you!