Sloan Sayings – The Thanksgiving Edition

We’re in Arkansas this weekend visitng family. We had a great, relaxing Thanksgiving yesterday and today the cousins come in so the kids are giddy with excitement. Sloan has had a couple of real gems the last couple of days. I thought I’d record them for future reference.

We were driving home the other night after eating dinner out and Sloan piped up from the backseat:

S – “Dad, can we say fag?”

L (stifiling a laugh) – “No, son, that’s not a word we need to say.”

S – “Why? It’s not a bad word. It’s not f%#k. It’s fag – you know- like bag. Fag.”

(At this point Lee and I are having a hard time holding back the laughter. What are the odds that he would accidentally land on that word? Seriously! We went on to explain to him that that word didn’t really mean anything and since it didn’t mean anything he didn’t need to say it. Honestly, that kid…To know the full story of how he knows the F-word, read here.)

Yesterday, we ate thanksgiving dinner at Lee’s grandmother’s retirement center. This is his grandmother on his dad’s side. A couple of years ago, his granny on his mom’s side passed away and we all miss her dearly, especially at Thanksgiving because she made such yummy pies and she just doted on the great-grandkids. As we walked down the hall to the dining room, we passed a little white haired lady walking with a cane. Sloan stopped and said hi, then proceeded to say this:
Sloan – “Hi. You look like granny. But you can’t be granny because she’s dead. But you look just like granny, but you’re not granny because she’s dead.”
Lee and I walked up just as he said it a third time and tried to quickly brush it off saying, “Yeah granny passed away and we miss her, right?”
Sloan (nodding his head) – “Yeah, we miss granny but that’s not granny because granny’s dead.”

At this point we decided that we really need to work on social graces with the boy.


  1. blessedpath says

    UMMMM….uh,oh. As soon as I saw the word fag, I knew where this came from and where it was going. You know how the kids always rhyme things in the car going to school. well, on tuesday Sloan said bag, fag. And I (kinda sharply) blurted out “we don’t say that word guys” and Sloan of course asked why (gee doesn’t this coversation sound familiar??) I said it’s kinda like how we can’t say truck truck bo buck… Oh, yeah f**K (said sloan) but THATS a bad word, not fag, he said. Remember how Brooke and Sloan kept saying that word awhile back and I said don’t say that word, and somehow we ALL said it in the car. Oh man, now I’m rambling. Anyway, just wanted to let you know where that word came from. hope you are enjoying your family. All looks good at your house!

  2. Directness is the main feature of yound children. And sometimes the initial truth is found by their sayings. But social rules are different and we should teach kids social graces though it’s pretty hard. You are doing a good job.

  3. Jerod Starkey says

    That’s awesome. I am in love with his logic.

    Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving.

  4. the broomes says

    Sloan is one funny kid. I love it!!! I think that Joshua and Sloan share the same little sparkle in their eyes when they know they’re saying something/doing something they know is pushing it…hmm: where could they have gotten that. I have no idea…:)

  5. Kel, I dreamt about you last night. we were sitting in some cafe in the park and talking about children. You said you were very glad to have a girl not only boys. We were speaking Russian. And your Russian was so fluent. Then your granny in a beautiful purple dress joined us and said that our meeting was not just a chance. She kept saying something else but I wasn’t able to hear that because Ulyana started crying and woke me up. A sweet dream…

  6. kelli! ohmygosh! that's too funny 🙂 i just read it to clint & we couldn't contain the giggles!!! clint says "that's lee's child!" 🙂
    i'm so sorry i haven't emailed you back – i've been m.i.a. from life for the past month! let me know what you want to do – your idea sounded great to me!