I just took care of the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had to do as a mom. Let me give you the circumstances: Sloan had to use the bathroom this morning – number 2. He did so, then left the bathroom without flushing or closing the toilet seat. Why did he do this? I have no words other than that he is a boy and for some reason boys are missing something in their brains that remind them to flush the toilet when done using the bathroom!! I did not know that this went on or I would have given the gentle mom reminder to flush (as in, “Don’t you dare walk away from that toilet without flushing!”)

Now, you’re all aware that I have an 11 month old. Well, said 11 month old has really taken to splashing in open toilets lately. Gross? Yes, very much. I try and keep them closed but you know, I can’t be everywhere at once. So, I walked into the bathroom to find my 11 month old covered in feces, and chewing on a piece of it! Go ahead and gag – vomit even. I’ll wait…

Feel better? Does it get any more disgusting than that? This tops the time I found Sloan as a baby sucking on the toilet bowl brush (barely, but it does beat it), and the time Tia chewed on Landon’s umbilical cord. Is it just me? Are my kids the only ones who are this disgusting? If any of you have kids who are gross, please share so I don’t think that maybe there’s something wrong with mine. Okay, I have to go now. I need to go to the store and buy Lee and new toothbrush since I used his to clean out Landon’s mouth…


  1. heresthediehl says

    oh, kelli! really…that’s the grossest.

    all of my kids have gone through the “splashing in the toilet” phase, but thankfully, we were able to avoid a catastrophe.

    i’ll pray that the rest of your day is a little less eventful…

  2. Kelli McGill says

    really…there are no words. haha!

    stories like this make me think that maybe having one kid isn’t so tough!

  3. Hyser Family says

    The only bright side I can find is that you are going to have killer stories to tell when your children get older. 🙂

  4. bugs and sunshine says





  5. Stuart Fam says

    OH. I little (or a lot) of chai tea is coming back up into my mouth right now and it doesn’t really taste as good as it did going down. This is one of those days when I am NOT related to you guys! I HAVE NO WORDS. Bless your heart, girl! Sounds like we need a vacation now, FO SHO!

  6. Stuart Fam says

    Yep, 4 hours later and this post still has the same shock effect! This post deserves more than just one comment from me.

  7. Oh Kelly… that story is so very nasty.
    You win… no one can top that. Hang in there girlfriend.
    Elizabeth Ward

  8. Simply UNBELIEVABLE! I am speechless – and that is no easy task.

    If I avoid kissing Landon on the mouth till he is 5, well you guys will understand:)


  9. heresthediehl says

    i just showed this to matt, and i have to tell you that i haven’t heard him laugh like he just did in a LOOOONG time.

    jack henry (who was in the kitchen while matt was reading this in the office) even tried to imitate his laugh it was so loud.

    i’m still grossed out.

  10. L Starbuck says

    Oh my, Kelli! I feel for ya girl. Thanks for the laugh!

  11. blessedpath says

    WOW. So this is the kind of blog entry you need in order to command 10+ comments!! I wonder if something is lacking in the Stuart kids diets…..poop, umbilical cords….maybe its somekind of vit deficiency:) Just kiddin! Brooke will be up in the am at 8…..please make sure all toilets are properly flushed. Sorry, couldnt resist!!! God love ya girl!

  12. I appreciate the fact that I have provided some comic relief to all of you, and I apologize if you were unable to eat today. However, because I never heard any gross kid stories from anyone else, I am now certain that there is something wrong with my kids. Maybe Carol’s right – perhaps it is a vitamin deficiency – or a BRAIN deficiency. Or maybe it’s me? Hmmm…hard to tell – either way, I’m concerned.

  13. Hi, Kelli! Maybe it is actually a Cooper family thing because this exact thing actually happened in our house also when we were all younger. We still laugh about it!! You need to call your Aunt Tammy and swap stories!! You have great kids….we all turned out OK and they will too! Love ya! Stef

  14. I think the best part is that you used Lee’s toothbrush instead of Sloan’s or your own. I hope you are able to laugh about the whole poo experience. Maybe not quite yet. That’s pretty nasty.

  15. Three Against One says

    Okay that is seriously disgusting! When I told Cory he was like NO WAY, I was like YES WAY and we both just starting laughing. I know it wasn’t funny for you at the time but you will have many laughs for the rest of your life because of this story and little Landon.
    That is what you get for having children with such good apettites (sp?)…

  16. I would just like to say thanks to my cousin Stefanie (who commented above) and my Aunt Tammy, who I spoke with this afternoon, both of whom reassured me that my kids were not the only gross kids on the planet. Aunt Tammy’s youngest had a similar incident when he was a baby and he has turned out to be a lovely young man so I am feeling a little better. The fact that we’re all related is a little disconcerning but whatever…